Conservative Women Leadership Top Four for 2018

Sep 4, 2018 | | Say something

These are my top four picks for women conservative leadership in 2018. With the mid-term elections drawing nearer for the 2018 election cycle, I wanted to point out some great conservative women who are willing to fight for American values, and liberty.

My list contains for obvious reasons:

Dana Loesch (of the NRA)

I really like her fire, but she is a great spokesperson, clearly a tough act to beat.  She is articulate, she is straight to the point, an she is not sparing anyone’s feelings.
I believe that this is the same reason that Trump is successful, is his fire, or his “moxy” or maybe if Hawaiian lore is correct it is “mana”.    Although I would not want to be buddy buddy with Trump, I would not be able to deal with the stress, and I doubt he would take any of my advice.  I would like to pick Trump’s brain on a lot of topics.
Dana Loesch is just a straight shooter, I honestly think if she had the right advisers she would do well as president.

Krisanne Hall (constitutional attorney)

I honestly favor Krissanne the most out of all of these choices.  I am not sure if she would be better at Attorney General, or Supreme Court justice.  Krisanne Hall is a constitutional lawyer and a good one at that.  She has had a lot of experience as a lawyer and employed by the state for some time.   I do like her eloquent and thought-provoking approach at teaching the constitution.  We desperately need a justice on the Supreme Court that knows the constitution, as well as Krissanne, does!  She seems to believe in the Non-Aggression Principle, which is definitely something that practice

The nonaggression principle (or NAP; also called the nonaggression axiom, the anti-coercion, zero aggression principle or non-initiation of force) is an ethical stance that asserts that aggression is inherently wrong. … In contrast to pacifism, the nonaggression principle does not forbid forceful defense.

Nikki Haley (US Ambassador to the United Nations)

As the Bob’s from the movie Office Space would say  “that’s just a straight shooter that has upper management written all over her”.

She is a little too formal for me, but it is easy for me to see the strength that is for the office she is in as ambassador to the shifty United Nations (UN).
I am super proud of the way she has represented the United States so far.

Christina Hoff Sommers (Academic known as the Factual Feminist)

I like this woman, she reminds me of my granmother Jennie (though more reserved than my grandmother).  She would be great as an advisor, or maybe even surgeon general of the US.   I like her down to earth and soft motherly approach to handling these sensitive issues about gender and other social and political issues.   I would see her best suited for City Council or local judicial judge.  I know that law is not her thing, but can you just imagine her as a judge?   She appears to me to be very sensible and of sound judgment.

I wish these amazing women the best, as well as women that I admire in entrepreneurial and business talents, like my wonderful wife Kimberly, my former boss the CEO Carla Corkern of Talyst Inc in Washington state.

These are all great women, who would excel well in their chosen fields and have proven to do so.  I do not believe in gender based politics, and I would not choose any of these women because of their gender.  They have earned ever bit of the praise that they get.

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