The Race For Governor in Nevada: Ryan Bundy

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Ryan Bundy who is the brother of Ammon Bundy and the son of Cliven Bundy has been running a campaign for governor this year, after recently being acquitted along with his family in both Oregon and Nevada on trumped up charged waged on them by government entities for refusing to pay extortion payments in the form of bogus “grazing fees”, from a government entity that was created long after these grazing rights had been deeded, bought and paid for.   First there was the 2014 Standoff at Bunkerville Nevada where federal employees mostly made up of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and FBI agents and they had killed cattle and buried them in the desert and came to the Bundy’s property to collect more cattle as “back payments” for federal grazing rights that are a non-sense and illegal fee to be charging against land rights that already exist.  But in the process a distress call was put out by people based on news coverage and social media, and a large group of militiamen and women from all over the country converged to the farm of the Bundy’s in Northern Nevada, and there was a sort of a standoff between the public and the private land owner and the people who loved freedom came to the aid of the people who were being denied their freedom.  Some gave some, and others like Lavoy Finicum who was at both protests, both the Nevada protest and the Oregon protest, and it was in Oregon where he was ambushed and murdered on the side of the road by FBI agents who lied and purged themselves, and of course will not be facing any punishment for this murder.

I want to remind people it has been 26 years since the FBI killed 14 year old Samuel Weaver and his mother Vicky Weaver (while Vicky was in her own home, holding a newborn baby).  Remember Ruby Ridge, and remember the innocent people that they killed in Waco.

So now after years behind bars, fighting for his freedom and standing for what he believes in, Ryan Bundy is running for the office of Governor in Nevada.
He has not really had a lot of time to plan and raise money, but I think he has a really good shot!   Clearly, everyone knows him and now everyone knows he was innocent and justified, and that he loves his country, clearly as do his family.
I felt really humbled writing the first sentence in how much it meant to associate this Ryan Bundy with the honorable and courageous father Cliven Bundy and brother Ammon Bundy, and there are so many more behind him too, reference;
It’s amazing to have such a great team to work with as this family does.
Ryan Bundy Run For Governor of Nevada

Ryan Bundy Run For Governor of Nevada

It is also important to recognize why this started in the first place, the BLM has been on a constant attack in areas where they are trying to buy up land of local farmers in rural areas all over the western USA.  But certainly in Oregon and Nevada, and Utah also which I have saw a frequent and terrifying attack that the government has waged against my friends the Childs in Diamond Fork Canyon in Spanish Fork Utah, where for 30 years the US government via one agency or another has tried to buy, or adversely assume possession in some pseudo-legal jargon that sounds unconstitutional.
Read the story of Stephen and Dwight Hammond and how they were recently pardoned by the president of the USA.
The Bundy family as a whole stood up for the Hammonds in Oregon, crossing state lines to go and defend these two honorable farmers in Harney County Oregon.
We took notice, and we have been doing media and holding vigils ever since.
Incrementally after Lavoy Finicum was murdered by State police, and the FBI in Oregon the Bundy family and their supporters were arrested and persecuted by the government, for doing nothing more than exercising their constitutional rights.
You can see where ever their lawyer was arrested and illegally prosecuted (since he also did nothing wrong).
Reference their first exoneration;
The Bundy’s in all of their endeavors have my blessing, and I will continue to report on this issue, and pray for their families.
There still has been no justice for Lavoy Finicum and we will also hold his memory and his family in our prayers.
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This is something that we can also talk about on February 2nd on Disruptarian Radio

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