Posted on: Sunday, January 15, 2006 By Jere Krischel The Morgan Report of 1894 regarding the Hawaiian Islands — 808 pages of sworn testimony, exhibits and findings — is finally available through a Web site for reasonable men and women to review. The site is http://morganreport.org It was the U.S. Senate’s response to the Blount Report of 1893, which […]

Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom Lance Paul Larsen, a resident of Hawaii, brought a claim against the Hawaiian Kingdom by its Council of Regency (“Hawaiian Kingdom”) on the grounds that the Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom is in continual violation of: (a) its1849 Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation with the United States of America, as well […]

Constitution of the Republic of Hawaii – Published Honolulu 1894 This is the original Constitution of the Republic of Hawaii, made available by Princeton University, and digitized at Google Book An alternative source is at Archive.org;  https://archive.org/details/constitutionrep00islagoog A PDF version can be downloaded from our website here:  Republic of Hawaii Constitution PDF

Recognition of the Republic of Hawaii – United States See also: International Recognition of the Republic of Hawaii U.S. President Grover Cleveland personally signed an official letter giving full diplomatic recognition to the Republic of Hawaii. Unfortunately the original signed and sealed copy of that letter cannot be found in the Archives of the State of […]

Original of a two-page letter from Switzerland, in French, dated September 11, 1894, to President Sanford B. Dole, recognizing the Republic of Hawaii. The letter was signed by the Swiss federal counsel [Attorney General] on behalf of the President of the Swiss Confederation, and also countersigned by the Chancellor of the Swiss Confederation. The Swiss Foreign […]

Don Alfonso XIII, King of Spain, and Dona Maria Christina, Regent Queen of Spain, both personally signed a joint one-page letter in Spanish to Sanford B. Dole on November 26, 1894, recognizing the Republic of Hawaii. There was a one-page English translation. The Foreign Ministry of Spain sent an accompanying two-page cover letter in Spanish to […]

Tsar Alexander III of Russia personally signed a letter to President Dole, in Russian, dated August 26, 1894, recognizing the Republic of Hawaii. There is a two-page translation into French, but no English translation. In 1883 Tsar Alexander III had his coronation.  That ceremony was attended by Col. Curtis P. Iaukea, who was sent by King Kalakaua as […]

Dom Carlos I, King of Portugal (and ruler and conqueror of many other places which he lists), personally signed a one-page letter, in Portuguese, to Sanford B. Dole, dated December 17, 1894, recognizing the Republic of Hawaii. The date is written out in words at the end of the letter just above his signature. No English […]

Andres A. Caceres, Constitutional President of the Republic of Peru, personally signed a two-page letter to Sanford B. Dole, dated September 10, 1894, recognizing the Republic. The Minister of Foreign affairs sent an accompanying letter. Click on the photos to zoom in for more detail. Letter from President Caceres: The accompanying letter from Minister of Foreign […]

Oscar, King of Sweden and Norway of the Goths and Vandals, personally signed a letter in Swedish to Sanford B. Dole dated December 17, 1894, recognizing the Republic. There is a translation into French, but not English. Click on the photos to zoom in for more detail. King Oscar’s letter in Swedish: King Oscar’s letter translated […]

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