The Not So Accidental Police Informant

Written by on September 29, 2018

On the topic of false accusations, I have witnessed one which I tend to call “The Not So Accidental Police Informant”.   This story started 16 years ago for me, when I first met my wife, and then shortly after I married her.  Within four months of us meeting, we married.  Inbetween us meeting in June and us getting married in October, I was asked by my fiance to do my brother-in-law a favor and give him a job at an upcoming construction project that I was hired to be on.   Because of our marriage coming up, and my lack of savings at the time, I quit my job as a Tier 3 technician at MSN/Qwest, so that I could get the 12-18 hour days at this job building gun traps for a company called Action Target for a law enforcement shooting range in Baton Rouge Louisiana to pay for the wedding.   I agreed to take her brother, despite not ever having met him before, and not knowing a lot about him, other than my wife was 17 years old when she left her parent’s house because he was always causing some kind of drama.  But I didn’t do a background check on him or verify any references, I just took their word that he would work.  After getting to the job, it was quite clear he had never worked a hard days work in his life.  Within a week, he refused to leave the hotel and go to work.  He then went to the emergency room, where I waited for him until late in the evening, in which then I had to wake up at 4am the next morning for a 16 hour day in the hot sun, while he lounged around the hotel room.  All night he moaned “Why does God hate me”.  Then the next day and for the next 3 days he refused to go to work.  But he refused to quit.   On the fourth day he went to work, but once again refused to lift a finger.  He was getting paid like the rest of us but was not working.   So he was fired.  He told me how unfair it was, and asked me to get his job back.  Which I did.  The boss hazed him and told him he would be hired back at one dollar less per hour.  This pissed the kid off, and for 3 more days, he went around the job site talking shit to the project managers that were onsite from different crews, trying to get us to lose our contract or something.   He was sent home after that.

For every day after nearly for those 16 years, he has harassed our family, either on social media, or by sic’ing his stepdad on me, or at the end just a few years ago he was calling the police on me.

  1.  Incident where he sicd his stepdad on me
  2. Where he called the police on me telling them that I was a domestic terror threat

So I looked up his police record when he started calling the police on me.  I thought, surely this couldn’t only be happening to me?   After pulling his record at  www.idcourts.us (Idaho Court Repository), I found some interesting details that I was pretty sure I would find before I even started my search.
The crimes that stuck out to me, beyond the theft and violence, was that he had several crimes such as;

  1. Phone Harassment (x2)
  2. Making terroristic threats (x2)
  3. Making false accusations (x2)



History of harassment

Long history of harassment

(reference;  www.idcourts.us)

More on this at:   https://opinions.clovisstar.com/trolls

While he has multiple of these charges on his record, I will say that he was only convicted of one each.   I can also say that none of his charges have anything to do with me, I have never once called the police on him.  When the police have asked me (after he sent them to me), if I want to press charges, I have declined.   I have that evidence of a police interaction where I declined to press charges here;

Public complaint against Officer Tyler Evans

However, the interesting thing to me was that he was getting charges several times a year, up until the point where it is clear he was offering up information to the police on other people, which was the third charge I listed  “Making false accusations”.
While at first he was being penalized for it, subsequently in years to follow, he had charges that were sealed by the court, and he stopped getting arrested anymore, pretty much since the last time that he snitched on someone.
So first he started snitching “False accusations“, then when he would be arrested after that, the court would seal his records, and now he doesn’t get arrested anymore.

Brandon Wade Hertel Cases sealed by the court

Brandon Wade Hertel Cases sealed by the court

So regardless of if he is a paid police informant or just someone who drops information to the cops from time to time, it is clear to me that he is a police informant.

Brandon Hertel Police Informant

Brandon Hertel Police Informant

The point is, that watch your back.  Filter who is close to you.   I jumped in too quick with my wife, we both agreed on that.
It’s not that if we waited longer we wouldn’t have gotten married.  However, waiting would have given us more time to set ground rules and barriers for friends and family.
From what I learned in this, it is a good idea to date for at least a year before getting married.
We are still happily married after 16 years, but we have cleansed our life of family drama.

Information about Idaho Police Informant policies;

Can Idaho Confidential Informants Use Drugs?

A fair warning to those who wish to become a CI (Confidential Informant) the consequences can be deadly, and the cops don’t give a shit about low-level criminals.


Snitch: Frontline, PBS (documentary)

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