Travel Party Checklist

Written by on April 3, 2019

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This checklist is directed to individuals that have a home business in travel consulting or for individuals that are interested in planning a group vacation and want to present information regarding either the Business Opportunity at hand or the Group Vacation Package in question.

Travel Party Checklist:

____ 1. Chairs – Make sure there are enough for all guest. It’s not necessary to have a large group of chairs out beforehand, particularly if you are hosting at a Hotel, in the event that there is a low attendance rate your first time around. Keep extra chairs to the side but with easy access for when more individuals arrive throughout the evening.

____2. Laptop, TV or DVD Player, extension cord, projector – depending on which of these sources you’re using, be prepared with all of the necessary equipment so that you give a clear impression of being prepared and not scrambling at the last minute for items.

____3. Drinks, Snacks for AFTER the meeting – Have punch,sodas. chips, nachos, dips, etc. but keep it it light so that if you have a home business and want one of your team members to duplicate what you’re doing, they will see that it is not complicated to do and inexpensive.

____4. Note Pads and Pens – These are the most important items to have so that your guest have something to refer to if they have questions after the presentation.

____5. Applications – Have applications readily available because many will be ready to sign up immediately after.

____6. Walk-In Music – This music should be HAPPY. It can be caribbean, waterfall sounds, birds, definitely something upbeat.

____7. Lais – If the event is one with a Hawaiian theme, have lais available to put around the guests’ neck as they arrive.

____8. Vacation Pics, brochures, receipts – These items are perfect to have for show and tell and if you as the host has been on this particular vacation prior to this event, your receipts showing any savings will be beneficial information to share.

____9. Edify the Speaker – As the host if you are not the presenter, you should edify the speaker to the guest. This gives the speaker credibility and introduces them as a valued friend of yours which will make it more comfortable for all to communicate.

___10. Applications – After the closing of the presentation, have applications available and be prepared to extend a warm, “Welcome Aboard”, once they sign.

Utilizing this checklist to host a Travel party event will ease the stress of preparing for an event and will also show your guests that you are confident in what you are presenting and about the content of your presentation.

Best Of Luck!


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