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    An Evening of Intimate Spontaneous Erotic Discussion

    in Romance

    Join us tonight for one of our spontaneous erotic episodes. Tonight we will go where-ever our discussion takes us. So if you want to take a ride into an evening of erotic spontaneous topics, then join us.

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    Nick Meacher and Communincations on Surviving Dystopia

    in Prepping

    Today on an extended show we will talk to Nick Meacher about communications on Surviving Dystopia
    He's been working with author Angery American, to produce a 3x5 booklet/cards with the comms plan information on. Users will be able to fill in their own codes or words to use with a dry erase marker or wax pencil to be reused. Available soon
    Creator of a large communications mind map - available in 24x36 or 36x48 this has everything on it for prepper hams to include;  how to develop a communications plan Nick will be speaking about this at the Self Reliance Experience in Denver 22nd & 23rd September), band plan, frequencies for personal radio services to include GMRS, FRS, MURS, CB and ham.  There is also information on communications security (COMSEC), information security (INFOSEC), operational security (OPSEC) signals intelligence (SIGINT) etc. to include other agencies frequencies that could provide SIGINT and information in a disaster.  It also includes information on the various satellite systems.
    I also write for Survival Dispatch Insider, with over 70 pages each month dedicated to a specific topic. http://www.survivaldispatch.com/ 
    Working on another project called Safety Quick Cards. Cards the size of playing cards with information on numerous topics to include communications, get home bags, survival priorities, food, general prepping, area/community intelligence, medical and more.  We hope to have these available prior to the Self Reliance Experience.
    Visit us at Prepper Podcast and Angry Eagle Productions  for more on our hosts and shows.

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    Mitchell Rabin Interviews Environmental Scientist Guy McPherson

    in Lifestyle

    Today, Mitchell interviews environmental scientist, Guy McPherson, about the true seriousness of our environmental plight this very moment.  Based on unfiltered science, Guy interprets the findings of global dimming, greenhouse gas overwhelm of our atmosphere and the presence of nuclear power plants throughout the world as painting a very dark future for humankind.
    Guy R. McPherson is an American scientist, professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona. He is best known for promoting the idea of near term extinction (NTE), a term he coined about the possibility of human extinction as soon as 2030.
    In May 2009, McPherson began transitioning to living on an off-grid homestead in southern New Mexico. McPherson authors a blog called "Nature Bats Last", that focuses on global climate change, energy decline and the possibility of imminent human extinction due to the increasing accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. On November 1, 2015, McPherson was interviewed on National Geographic Explorer with host Bill Nye.
    Regarding his NTE views, Andrew Revkin in The New York Times said McPherson was an "apocalyptic ecologist ... who has built something of an 'End of Days' following".Michael Tobis, a climate scientist from the University of Wisconsin, said McPherson was out of his depth and "is not the opposite of a denialist. He is a denialist, albeit of a different stripe."

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    Iconic Point of View

    in LGBT


  • 01:19

    Shabbat Towrah Study

    in Lifestyle

    Join a group of Yahowah's family as we delve into the Towrah of God. We will expose religious corruption while more importantly espousing Yah's Towrah truth. 
    Hosted by the author of Yada Yahweh, An Introduction to God, Questioning Paul, Prophet of Doom, and Tea with Terrorist. 

  • 01:31

    Askrosebudd with RoseBudd

    in Lifestyle

    Ain't no going back now

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    Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: An Attack on Affirmative Transgender Treatment

    in LGBT

    This episode provides a critical review of the recent by Lisa Littman of Brown University which claims that gender dysphoria originates in childhood trauma and can be triggered by information "contagion" from peers and the Internet in adolescence.  The episode also provides the historical and scientific on background on this claim which indicates that it constitutes a non-scientific attack on affirmative treatment for transgender children and adults.  The paper involved a survey, ostensibly from surprised and disgruntled parents which was used to claim based on flawed methodology that their children were not dysphoric in childhood but became dysphoric in adolescence. Littman cannot prove that the children were gender dysphoric because the parents were not asked about a critical criterion of debilitation and distress which is required for gender dysphoria and typically is used as a billing code for transgender transition. Two results were described which support hypotheses for more rigorous study: (1) because the transgender children had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression it is possible that this resulted from living in secrecy as being transgender from earlier childhood  (2) because parents of natal female children were surprised by the emergence of their children as being transgender but were not surprised by earlier declarations of lesbian, bi or sexual orientation, the children may have deliberately come out with declarations of alternative sexual orientations that were more socially correct to prepare their parents for transgender emergence. 

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    sex stories

    in Romance

    Today I will speak about the sex stories of people who want answers to their questions when it comes to relationships. Do not miss out on this show!

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    Ms. HeartBeat Leaving BlogTalkRadio

    in Romance

    Since 2008 Ms. HeartBeat (Deborrah Cooper) has been providing outstanding, and hilariously funny insights and commentary on romantic and familial relationships. After careful consideration, the show on BlogTalk will be discontinued, and all future ramblings posted as videos on YouTube or video conferences/webinars which will be posted on SurvivingDating.Com.
    Ms. HeartBeat has been busy this summer and falll, and has now produced more than 100 videos with extremely valuable information for single women. Recent titles include:
    Instant Attraction - The Dangers of the Man with "The Magic Stick" When Women Find Out Motherhood Ain't All That! top Wasting Your Time Seeking Unconditional Love Narcissistic Men and Codependent Women Booty Calls, Friends With Benefits and Single Women Sometimes Abortion Really is the Best Option Dating Single Parents With Bad Ass Children When You Date a Jailbird Please come on by and get your regular dose of Ms. HeartBeat!

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    Of Mice & Chickens: Keeping Rodents Away During Winter

    in Prepping

    It's winter, which means your friendly neighborhood mice and rats might try to find a cozy nook in your backyard chicken coop to spend the frosty days until it's warm again. In this episode, we look at ways you can prevent rodents from infesting your chicken coop. Discover my favorite (and tried-and-true) way to prevent mice, as well as practical advice you can implement immediately. Brought to you by backyard chicken expert Maat van Uitert of FrugalChicken.
    Links we discuss:
    Manna Pro Poultry
    Chickens: Naturally Raising A Sustainable Flock

  • 01:36

    How to find your Mojo for dating and relationships

    in Romance

    Tonight we are talking about Finding your mojo with Misha N. Granado.... If you have lost your Mojo and feel like you have no motivation for love or relationships listen in tonight for some inspiration.
    Misha Speaks Love (lectures), Writes Love (books and editorials) and Brings Love (therapy) into Existence and is the Founder of Love Grows: The Relationship Consultants. Life is about relationships, and the relationship you have with self will determine and influence ALL of the relationships in your life. A few accomplishments include: being voted The  Best in Premarital Counseling by Texas Brides, recognized by Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Relationship Consulting, a contributor to EXaholics and the author of B.L.O.O.M. Allow Misha to help you become your BEST self which will improve all of the relationships in your life.
    Call in tonight 3479457556 or comment in the chatroom
    Follow Misha @ http://www.mishagranado.com/

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