Trump calls out Fake News Like A Boss

Trump’s Press Conference 01/11/2017 – Says to CNN “you are fake news”, Trump calls out fake news like a boss!

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Fake news exposed at Trump’s press conference.

Trump dismantles CNN by calling them fake news at press conference. After BuzzFeed and CNN bought into a fake “intelligence” that claimed Russia and Trump worked together on the election and other tantalizing click bait material. The report was exposed as fraud, and the facts are verifiable disproved, just based on easy to verify facts.

The best part of the press conference is where CNN reporter Jim Acosta continuously shouts at Trump, circumventing other reporters that Trump calls on to ask questions. Trump tells Jim Acosta his “organization is terrible” and proceeds to tell him “it’s fake news”.

We hear so much from the liberal far left about “fake news” this and “fake news” that. However after the wikileaks releases on the DNC, and after this escapade with BuzzFeed and CNN, it’s obvious where the “fake news” is coming from.

Here is the full press conference

Here is a link to where the CIA admitted to congress that they used “fake news’ against the American public.

CNN/Buzzfeed busted by Wikileaks  (mind you, Wikileaks as a 100% accuracy record)

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