Veteran BBC journalist asks Geert Wilders 'ARE YOU A FASCIST?' in Newsnight interview

GEERT WILDERS has defended his political beliefs after a veteran BBC journalist asked if he was a fascist.

The far-right populist has previously come under fire for his anti-Islamic views.

He has vowed to stop the “Islamisation” of the Netherlands if he is elected as the country’s prime minister next month. 

As his poll ratings surge, Mr Wilders' views were put under the spotlight by the ’s John Sweeney. 

Geert Wilders John Sweeney BBC

BBC journalist John Sweeney asked Geert Wilders if he was "a fascist"

Some people say you’re a bit of a fascist though?

John Sweeney

In an episode of Newsnight, due to air on Friday evening, Mr Sweeney asks: “Some people say you’re a bit of a fascist though?” 

Mr Wilders, who is also a fierce critic of the , hit back insisting it was “totally untrue”. 

“I’m working within the democracy, the Dutch democracy. I’m in favour of the rule of law and the civil society and everything I do will be voted upon,” he said. 

“I have only things against fascism. As a matter of fact, I believe the Islamisation of our free societies are as a matter of a fact to be compared with the past, where other totalitarian ideologies were dominant.” 

Geert WildersBBC

Geert Wilders insisted the claims were "totally untrue"

The Party for Freedom (PVV) leader maintained he believed his strong views against Islam should be seen as fighting against fascist regimes. 

“In parts of the world, communism, fascism and Islamism or Islam is, when it comes to the comparison, very close," he continued.

“So I want to stay free fascism, Islamofascism, communism and I want to restore freedom in Holland.” 

Geert WildersGETTY

The PVV leader has previously been described as the Dutch Donald Trump

It’s expected Mr Wilders will win the biggest number of seats when the Dutch go to vote on 15 March. 

Often described as the Dutch , his anti-immigration stance has helped the PVV leader take a lead in opinion polls. 

With migrants making up about 30 per cent of the Netherlands' population, Mr Wilders says he would ban Islamic headscarves in public functions.

Although controversial, Mr Wilders reiterated his policies had the backing from Muslims. 

“I have a lot of support from Muslim people, both in Holland and in the Muslim world,” he continued. 

“People know, you look at every country where Islam is dominant, you have total rejection of freedom when it comes to the common people.

“And I make a distinction, you can make a distinction - not all Muslims are terrorists, it would be ridiculous only to suggest that I will never do that.

“But, most of the terrorists, in Europe at least, are Muslims and this is a fact that we cannot ignore.”

The latest opinion polls put the PVV on about 21 per cent - ahead of prime minister Mark Rutte’s ruling conservative, who stand on 15 per cent.

Last year the anti-Islam leader was put on trial and found guilty of hate speech against Moroccans after saying the Netherlands should allow fewer people from the North African country in.