I have been meaning for a long time to talk about Bitcoin, and while I still love the concept I have opted almost completely out of the market, despite being invested when Bitcoin was priced at about $1 per coin.  I had a lot of ups and a lot of downs with cryptocurrency, and this […]

Sam Harris Drops Patreon, Citing ‘Political Bias’ Likely Inspired by SPLC’s ‘Hate Group’ List With incredible an incredibly ethical and moral integrity as well as self sacrifice Sam Harris closes the 11th largest Patreon account that belonged to him, which had an estimated monthly income of over $60,000. His reason is the censorship of conservatives […]

Buju Banton Free From Prison

When I was a teen I was heavily into punk and surf music.  The lyrics were edgy and disruptive, from the Dead Kennedy’s, Minor Threat, and many others including the Butthole Surfers who influenced my teen years. The Butthole surfers while not one of my goto bands for mixed tapes, or playlists, I did enjoying […]

Institutional and cultural racism in Hawaii state

Dave Chappelle breaks the internet

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Twitter censoring conservatives

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Week Four of the TMT Protests by Disruptarian – Has anyone else noticed the violent threats and racism? The Thirty Meter Telescope has brought out a lot of hidden little secrets in Hawaii about racism, and decades-old hurt that exists in this island. I wanted to address some accusations that have been launched at me […]

Keanu Sai claimed “diplomatic immunity” shielded him from fraud allegations   In a recent case, subsequent to the case where David Keanu Sai was found guilty of a second-degree felony in 1999. The Office of Consumer Protection is very clear on his claim to “Diplomatic Immunity”. The consumer protection agency, in response, called Sai’s claim […]

Larsen vs Hawaiian Kingdom – Is the US Government Illegally Occupying Hawaii with David Sai This video is a critique of David Sai and Hawaiian Kingdom activist’s claims that the USA is illegally occupying the Hawaiian Kingdom, and the notion that the “Hawaiian Kingdom” was never legally overthrown, and that the USA did not truly […]

Hawaiian Kine Stuff – Setting the Record Straight with Al Gonzales

Tulsi Gabbard to Sue Google for Censorship

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