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“On the eve of a court ruling that could determine the fate of the Thirty Meter Telescope in Hawaii, public support for the stalled $1.4 billion project has never been stronger.” According to the Star Advertiser in Honolulu. More information about the poll here:  https://www.staradvertiser.com/staradvertiser-poll/support-work-thirty-meter-telescope-starting-monday/ Showing an overwhelming support for the Thirty Meter Telescope. From […]

Augmented Intelligence

The Project Veritas Google Anti-Trust Expose This video has been banned, and people have been shadow banned for sharing it, by Google and other social media networks.   However we are going to boost this on DailyMotion and other video sharing websites in hopes that other non-Google influenced search engines will pick it up. See more […]

Recently I attended an artificial intelligence conference which held emphasis on global business, in Osaka Japan just ahead of the G20 held in that city.   The conference only lasted about 3 hours, and the content was light, and the attendance had less than 25 people.  However I was able to ask some of the people […]

Abdication document signed by ex-queen Liliuokalani, January 24, 1895 formally giving up the throne and swearing her allegiance to the Republic of Hawaii.

Have you been banned on social media?

In this broadcast we take a look at the recent attacks on Steven Crowder, and other prominent content producers on social media who are being attacked and censored. The amount of censorship on social media is costing the corporations millions of dollars as many leave these platforms in search of more liberty. CNN has laid […]

The Mueller investigation is finished after over two years of trolling and harassing the US President about fake accusations, invented by FusionGPS, who was hired by Hillary Clinton, to invent dirt on Donald Trump. I wrote this in reply to the message that the president left the US people regarding the investigation. “The people who […]

[ad_1] It is made up of over 100 islands, however, there are eight main islands that make up the Hawaiian Islands and only seven are inhabited. Hawaii (the Big Island) People watching lava flow into the ocean. … Maui. Think stock Images/Getty Images. … Oahu. Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach. … Kauai. … Molokai. … Lanai. … Niihau. … Kahoolawe. Hawaii with its stunning natural beauty is perfect for […]

Internet talk radio on Disruptarian Media consists of many different topics from many different points of view. We want to explore all possibilities.   You can call in and talk with a live DJ via  WhatsApp:+5219995284744  You can get WhatsApp for free from the Google Play Store, and the ITunes Apple Store. We usually broadcast […]

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