Is far left political violence part of the reason Trump won?

Written by on February 12, 2017

I believe that there are a lot of reasons that Trump won the election.  I was not a supporter of his, and I believe he is more of a liability than an asset to our country.  I do believe he is in cahoots with Hillary.
But in the best case scenario, that he will keep his promises, and that he won’t attempt to become the dictator that Obama was, then he is a much better choice than Hillary or Bernie.  I remain skeptical.

However it is a wonder that out of around 320 million people that we had basically 3 people to choose from that are by far the worst of the worst in regards to leadership in our country.  Trump, Hillary and Bernie have so many flaws, and so many scandals, and by far are the worst possible picks for a presidential race.

There is no doubt that Bernie’s candidacy was either cheated or he willingly threw the fight in exchange for some kind of political or financial benefit.  I do believe between Hillary and Bernie, that Bernie would have legitimately been the Democratic candidate if it was not for the meddling of the DNC.  Likewise I believe that Rand Paul would have been the legitimate candidate if not for the meddling of the RNC.   Between Bernie and Rand, I believe Rand would have won.   Likewise, I think between Trump and Hillary, Trump was more popular.

Be that as it may, the topic of why Republicans won so strongly this election is the main topic of this blog.

I believe that the following reasons, in no particular order is why Republicans won leadership in both houses, and in the executive office, and soon will have a majority in the Judiciary branch of government, essentially securing leadership and a majority in all three branches of government.

  • Massive government waste from tax and spend economics
  • Exhausted from far-left promises under the Obama administration that never came true
  • Tired of the claims of low un-employment when in fact a record amount of people have left the workforce (nearly 95 million people are out of the work force)
  • Incredible and exhaustive taxation, without representation.  The USA has the highest corporate tax rate in the world thanks to Obama and the Democrats
  • Tired of high regulations and taxes pushing businesses and jobs out of the country
  • Tired of the left-wing violence that we saw during Black Lives Matters protests, and during the election, when far-left activists would infiltrate Trump rallies, and provocateur and incite violence from Trump supporters  (notice, that no Trump supporters were disrupting the rallies of competing candidates)

Out of that list, which I have blogged about plenty regarding everything except for the left-wing violence.
The violence is what I will address in this blog.

There are so many examples of violence during the campaign process where left-wing protesters would infiltrate Trump rallies and stir up contention, and provocatively incite people who were just trying to support their candidate with hateful signs, shirts and words about Trump.   I will list a few at the bottom of this post as well as other videos regarding violence.   Another issue during the campaign, is where left-wing protesters would impede traffic ahead of a Trump rally to prevent drivers from potentially driving to the rally’s that were being held for and by Trump.  Notice that this was not happening in reverse.  There were no Trump protesters impeding traffic and preventing travel to Bernie or Clinton rallies.

But the worst of it came from the inauguration day when protesters from Black Lives Matter, Black Bloc, Communists (with the whole hammer and sickle logo) were attacking women and others at the gates of the inauguration, and over and over, it was documented that the DC police (who at the time, answered to the Obama administration) were recorded saying that they were told to stand down and not intervene in the protests or violence.

I honestly believe that beyond the idea that people are tired of borrowing from our children’s future to give refugees and others massive benefits today, without our children’s consent (referring to the 20 trillion dollar national debt that will be passed on to our children).  I think it is the violence and irrational behavior of far left progressives and protesters that made the biggest difference for people who were on the fence about Trump.

I do not think that Trump was a popular candidate, and I believe that without the violence, and hateful behavior of the far left, that Trump would not have won.  I was preparing for Hillary to win, and I announced several times ahead of the election that I believe that Hillary would be the champion in this election.   But lo and behold I was wrong, and Trump won.   However the intensity of violence and bad behavior on the left increased towards the end of the election process, and I truly believe that is a huge reason why Trump won.  To restore a little balance from the imbalanced and often irrational left.

See the links of live video of these violent protests below.

One last thing, that happened recently, is that Milo Yiannopoulos went to UC Berkeley University for a pre-planned speech.   However was un-invited at the last minute, and anti-Trump type protesters caused chaos, burned parts of the university, and broke windows and other things as well as waging violence against supporters of Milo. As a result, free-speech legislation was announced in Tennessee as a result of this violent protests.

More on this from a left-wing media source, the Huffington Post.

Milo intends to return to UC Berkeley it has been announced

These same violent tactics were carried out by the National Socialists in 1933 by the “brownshirts”, and it is no different for socialists these days.

Sturmabteilung – Wikipedia

Socialism Violence Then and Now

Socialism Violence Then and Now

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