Gnostic Thursday March 14th – DNA And Intelligent Design

Written by on March 15, 2019

Gnostic thursday march 14th 2019 – Talking about DNA and intelligent design. Discussing Stephen C. Meyer

Dr. Meyer’s book “Signature of the Cell” can be purchased here:

Talking about the origins of life, about the beginning and the so-called evolution of mankind.

A few internet friends got in a graphical illustration that I posted showing millions of apes, and on the other side, modern man, and in between the missing links that are still missing.

This sort of devolved into a bickering contest. I wrote him an email to inform him of the video that I made regarding our discussion, but have other wise disconnected.

Email as quoted below:

“I have a limit to how much energy I have. I condense my energy as much as possible. I do a live stream for a few hours 5 days a week. The research, and sourcing research papers, and presenting the show actually takes a lot out of me.

Im not sure if you have kids. But I suspect you are just working on making the best future for them possible.

As for college, no, not much. Been too busy for all that. But I do take knowledge and learning very seriously.

I think what it is to be human is the ability to adapt to change.

So it’s all good I’ll respect your feelings on the matter. And I made a show, and I mentioned a conversation that is framillar to us both. I think it was a good prompt for me to post some of the peer reviewed scientific data about DNA. DNA was your first comment in the post. So I did take up the topic of DNA as I pledged to.

That video is uploading.”

Reference regarding evidence of evolution in humans.

Reference to a link in the video: https://disruptarian.com/atheism
This article addresses “scientific racism”.

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