MORGAN’S HAWAIIAN REPORT,  (as appears in the Los Angeles Herald February 27th 1894) The entire report here: https://ia601501.us.archive.org/13/items/InRegardsToTheProtestOfCouncilPersonJenniferRugglesInRegardsToTheAnnexationOfHawaiiByTheUSA/The_Morgan_Report_3_parts.pdf A Complete Vindication of ExMinister Stevens. American Supremacy in the Islands Stoutly Upheld. Supplemental Reports Filed by Other Members of the Investigating Commlttee—The Whole Ordered Printed. By the Associated Press. Washington, Feb. 26.—The senate held but a […]

Ken Conklin is a retired professor of philosophy, who has lived in Kane’ohe since 1992. His area of greatest expertise has become the analysis of Hawaiian sovereignty. Dr. Conklin’s book “Hawaiian Apartheid: Racial Separatism and Ethnic Nationalism in the Aloha State” is in the Hawaii Public Library, and also at https://web.archive.org/web/20181014090754/http://www.angelfire.com/planet/bigfiles40/BookPromo.html Ken Conklin is a […]

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