Larsen vs Hawaiian Kingdom – Is the US Government Illegally Occupying Hawaii with David Sai

Written by on August 11, 2019

Larsen vs Hawaiian Kingdom – Is the US Government Illegally Occupying Hawaii with David Sai

Larsen vs Hawaiian Kingdom – Is the US Government Illegally Occupying Hawaii

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This video is a critique of David Sai and Hawaiian Kingdom activist’s claims that the USA is illegally occupying the Hawaiian Kingdom, and the notion that the “Hawaiian Kingdom” was never legally overthrown, and that the USA did not truly annex Hawaii.

I use two videos from ThinkTech Hawaii documenting history from Pro-Hawaiian Kingdom restoration activists.

Troy J.H. Andrade Ph.d


David Sai Phd

All video clips are used for education and critique and are allowable for use under US Copyright law, FAIR USE.

For more information, I have provided sources in the video and below in this description. I encourage you to do your own research.

Larsen vs The Hawaiian Kingdom Critique – Was the Hawaiian Kingdom Overthrow Legitimate?

Another fact of history that David Sai fails to mention in this interview and most all of his presentations, is the Morgan Report.

He will talk about James Blount, who came to Hawaii at the request of Liliuokalani’s personal friend Grover Cleveland to restore the Kingdom. Blount did interviews, but not under oath, and not notarized, he just took informal “statements”. Which when Senator John T. Morgan was sent out to investigate he took sworn testimonies (meaning failure, to tell the truth, would result in perjury charges, a felony), and the same witnesses that James Blount claimed to interview, gave sworn statements, that the statements that James Blount Recorded in his report were false, and that they did not make those statements.

History books will say about James H Blount ” Blount was a prominent spokesman for white supremacy and strongly opposed adding a new non-white element to the American population”

Original video by “Think Tech Hawaii” between Mark Shklov and David Sai of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

I gave my critique in this video. For the references that I linked on the video, you can visit directly.

Read the Morgan Report at
Morgan Report

The Law Of Annexed Territory at JSTOR

Britannica what is annexation

Constitution of the Republic of Hawaii

Constitution of the Republic of Hawaii

More on the treaties of Hawaii and the original photocopies


The letters of recognition from 20 countries in 4 continents written in 11 languages, which were all formerly allies and treaty holders with the Hawaiian Kingdom, but they sent letters of recognition in support of the Republic of Hawaii and showing their recognition of the Republic of Hawaii as the legitimate successor of the Hawaiian Kingdom.


Information about James Henderson Blount


Newlands Resolution


Department of State page about the Annexation of Hawaii


The decision regarding the case Larsen Vs. The Hawaiian Kingdom

Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom

This is the website for the International Court of Arbitration

ICC International Court of Arbitration®

Information about David Sai’s first Class B felony for fraud.


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