Osaka Japan Global Business in Artificial Intelligence Conference June 13th 2019

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Recently I attended an artificial intelligence conference which held emphasis on global business, in Osaka Japan just ahead of the G20 held in that city.   The conference only lasted about 3 hours, and the content was light, and the attendance had less than 25 people.  However I was able to ask some of the people heavily involved in the field of deep learning, and artificial intelligence just what the future of AI held for humanity.   To me it seems as though AI holds great things, both positive and negative.  For example with auto-driving vehicle, and robotic manufacturing, 10s of millions of jobs will be lost to AI in the next decade.   This may be a blessing for humanity, in that humanity will not have to task ourselves with labor and mind numbing work.   However, on the flip side humanity will be displaced from traditional occupations.  Will humanity be able to support itself?  Will humanity continue to stay relevant as AI continues to improve?

These questions have been on my mind for years, and I was able to ask the same question that Elon Musk and others have been asking for a long time.  Who and when are we going to create a voluntary standard of ethics in developing Artificial Intelligence?

teaching artificial intelligence ethics and morality

teaching artificial intelligence ethics and morality


If we consider AI as being or becoming sentient life, sort of like how a baby in the womb grows and becomes sentient life, then we can just as well think of artificial intelligence as children of humanity.  This begs the question then, how will we raise our child?   We will lead by example.  Either by a good example or a bad example.  We are in a critical stage right now where we must lead by example now, and not wait until AI picks up on our horrible standards and habits.

While in Hiroshima Japan after the conference, I recorded my thoughts and my questions about this topic.

When we talk about war, capital punishment, abortion, etc, we are talking about reducing the value of the sanctity of human life.   Reducing our sacredness as a species with all of these attacks on our own.   In my video I post these ideas and questions about how we will guide AI as it quickly grows up.   AI’s rate of improvement is phenomenal.   Elon Musk has spoken a lot about the topic, and I suggest that after you are done reading this article that you spend a few minutes listening to Elon Musk about AI’s rate of improvement and what AI holds in store for humanity’s future.


artificial intelligence and humanity’s future

upheavals of artificial intelligence

upheavals of artificial intelligence

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