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Written by on January 13, 2019

Apparently a privacy violation does not count against a youtuber’s rating on youtube. Because an unmentioned person (though I suspect that I know who it is), file a “privacy claim”. Youtube wrote me, and mentioned the complaint. I then filed my evidence that the photos were blurred out. In fact they started grayed out, until I could properly blur the photos so that they were not “uniquely identifiable”. Which they were not, the blur was strong enough that now own could make out the person’s face. Regardless of that fact, the photos were from MySpace and therefore were public domain.

I posted a video after the complaint was filed, which was like 2 weeks ago.
I didn’t know how this would turn out, but I dug my heels in on it because of those two facts of having gotten a photo from “public domain” and blurring the faces. So I documented the process in stages, before, during and after the complaint process.

I have explained what “public domain” means in several other blog posts. Reference: https://opinions.clovisstar.com/?s=brandon

BTW- To make it clear the only photo of anyone anywhere was in the thumbnail. And any other than that which only took up a second on the video itself, was mine, and I did not mention anyone’s full names.

Police Informant Files Another Fake Privacy Violation on me
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December 31st 2018 – Files fake privacy violation

And I decided to speak about it on my debut show, which I will stream at various sources, to test the results. I am not entirely sure that i will keep using youtube,

But I do think this will be a topic that I make time for on our first broadcast.
Which at the moment is just me, Ryan Thompson
I sort of prefer it that way. I will happily welcome guests. But I particularly enjoy pointing out strange cultural phenomenons that I notice. As a student of life.

I did notice how drastically Elizabeth Warren changed on some issues.
The drastic change rivals only Hilliary Clinton on gay marriage or abortion just comparing a decade ago to now. These two flip and flop. But Elizabeth Warren sounds very conservative leaning in a lot of ways on the world of “women in the work force”.. I made a video to document some of the drastic flip flops, but interesting how this moment in history is so volatile. Just like the crypto-currency markets. Now bitcoin down to $3500 roughly on January 13th 2019. That is drastically lower then last year at this time when bitcoin was around $20,000. I am glad that I didn’t invest any thing during those high times. Bitcoin is still much higher than when I last bought a massive amount of them. I haven’t been investing at all much beyond 2015 when my last Scrypt miner broke down. When I was mining Litecoin like crazy. Lite coin’s value still very much parallels the volatility in Bitcoin, as well as ethereum as of late.

Grateful to be here another year to see the drastic changes life has to offer.


Remember Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands They are still recovering.
Disruptarian Radio Debut Show coming up in — on month — February 2nd Ground Hog's Day 2019
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My video on snitches, reuploaded with a few new bonuses.
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The REMASTERED “Snitch Video” by Clovis Star

I suppose the good thing,is that it didn’t effect my relationship with Youtube and I have appealed this take down, I will continue to work on this issue in whichever ways that I can and I will report the results.

I realize that youtube is a private company, and they can and should be able to do whatever they want, with censorship and all of that. So I am very much in favor of starting and building new and newish broadcasting platforms. Then hopefully the best format prevails.

I still work with www.Steemit.com and www.D.tube

Although I am not supporting many causes at the moment, as we rebuild our lives. I have been a proud supporter of the Ron Paul Channel, and CRTV.com

I also recommend looking into the Ron Paul Institute

RT's Prime Interest on Ron Paul Institute and Ron Paul Channel
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More broadcasts will be given to Disruptarian at Youtube

Bless up!

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