Censorship on Social Media – I have left Facebook what’s next?

Written by on June 1, 2019

There is a huge wave of censorship and fake news on social media and mainstream media.  People are leaving these platforms in droves.  Do you think this is intentional?

Censorship on social media, I have left facebook what’s next.

Censorship on social media, I have left facebook what's next

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There is a silent majority that is rising up and there will be many changes coming.

A lot of people have complained about being censored on social media. Either by being shadow banned, demonetized, or completely deplatformed.
Many of the victims have been conservative creators, and this has caught the attention of many other creators, including the president of the USA.

Let me know more about your experience.  Leave me a comment in the comment section.

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The White House’s new censorship reporting tool  (update, the tools is no longer available)



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