The New Wave of Censorship on Social Media – 2019

Written by on June 1, 2019

In this broadcast we take a look at the recent attacks on Steven Crowder, and other prominent content producers on social media who are being attacked and censored.

The amount of censorship on social media is costing the corporations millions of dollars as many leave these platforms in search of more liberty.

CNN has laid off 30% of their employees and continue to take major losses after 2+ years of fake news about Russian collusion.

This is my broadcast from Disruptarian studios on May 31st 2019 about Social Media Censorship

The New Wave Of Social Media Censorship

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Links and references from the video:

Prominent Patreon Creators leaving site over political bias

An alternative viewer support platform to patreon; Subscriber Star

Antifa hate site that was deplatformed recently (one of few)

How Sam Harris is funding his media, after voluntarily leaving Patreon

Breitbart on the Patreon Exodus

Layoffs at CNN after 2 years of spreading lies and fake news about the sitting president of the USA

Censored the Movie; A movie about the Social Media Giants censoring conservative content creators

VOX calling for their views to false flag Steven Crowder

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