Charlottesville VA Unite the Right gathering aftermath

Written by on August 16, 2017

The aftermath of the Charlottesville Virginia gathering was tragic as someone lost their life in what appears to be senseless violence.  I am not aware of all of the facts as of yet, so I will not assume anything.  However a man in a car, ran in to roughly 20 people that were protesting in the middle of a street.  The protesters that had taken over the street were armed with clubs and other weapons, and were actively seeking out opponents to assault.  I have heard reports that the man who was driving the car that ran in to the counter protesters may have been getting attacked by the counter-protesters before accelerating into the crowd.  It also may be the case that he was being malicious and attempting to harm people for no apparent reason.   In either case it is tragic that a 32 year old woman has lost her life in the violence.  Her name is Heather Heyer, and I have only scant details about who she is, I found this article with more informatin; https://everipedia.org/wiki/heather-heyer/

I want to first say of course that I condemn the violence and the racism, and the divisions in our country, there can be no doubt how unproductive this is.

Now as for how this violence has escalated over the past 9 years, and if we want to get technical, it has been pretty obvious since 1992 with the LA riots.  However it seems more organized now, and that organization seems to have come from liberal philanthropists like George Soros and others. This article from the Washington times names donors who have given over 100 million dollars to Black Lives Matter.  I recently posted a video of a large group of the “Antifa” faction, chanting “George Soros we want our money“.  It seems like the most violent groups, are the ones that are most closely associated with George Soros money.

Now the thing that upsets me a lot, is not just that there are racists at these events, however that does piss me off, because I would consider myself leaning right as libertarian.   However the thing that makes me most angry is that these Antifa and BLM people come to events that they had nothing to do with, simply to engage in violence to try to silence people that they disagree with.  They come with large numbers and weapons and attack everyone that they consider opposition.   Where-as these groups gathering, obtain permits, and organize peacefully, and in fact I never see the right-leaning folks disrupting BLM or Antifa demonstrations.   So the violence is coming from non-right-leaning people, and if they were not involved, it makes me believe that the violence wouldn’t exist.  This was also true during the presidential campaign, where you would see Bernie, Hillary, BLM or Antifa (black bloc) folks coming to private Trump rallies to disrupt the gathering of peaceful people.  But then when one of these folks would stir up violence and get their ass whooped, the news would report it as “a peaceful protesters assaulted at a Trump rally”.   They rarely mentioned that the person assaulted came to disrupt the private event.  Nor did they ever make mention that Trump supporters were not disrupting the events of other candidates.

So that is the history that I can see of how this violence has escalated.  Often these protesters block roads, even freeways, and sometimes they get ran over.  However, my thought is, “what do they expect”?   They are playing chicken on the freeway, and they expect speeding cars to just come to a complete stop in the midst of an angry mob?  It just doesn’t make sense.

We recently moved to Puerto Rico, where there is so little racism that in the last year I have literally not noticed any racism at all here.  There are lighter skinned people, and darker skinned people, and yet no one seems to make consideration of those facts.  It seems people here have realized there is one race, one species of human, and that we are in this together.
So for that I am grateful for the road that has taken me here.

On a side note I wanted to share two videos about this situation. One that I made about this last night, and one with Trump at a news conference about this.  I believe Trump really put this in perspective in the same way that I also see this.  I did not vote for him, and I am still skeptical of him, however this was pure truth regarding the “Alt-Left”.

Trump on "Alt-Left"

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My video speaks about the struggles of racism in this country, and directly about this gathering in Charlottesville.

Aftermath Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville VA

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More on this: https://tlrnews.com/2017/08/16/watch-trump-just-dropped-bombshell-behind-charlottesville/

The ACLU joined in on this, protecting the speech of the Unite the Right gathering; http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/aug/11/aclu-joins-suit-against-charlottesville-over-movin/


“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.”

― George Orwell1984

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