The Brett Kavanaugh vs. Christine Ford charade – my response

Written by on September 27, 2018

I have to censor this, because I posted this on my personal facebook page, and I will censor my use of four letter words for this public blog post.  My feelings are incredible raw during this hearing, and after listening to both Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh testify before congress, I have came to the conclusion that this was nothing more than a political hit.
I will end with my facebook post that I made directly after hearing both people testify.

Democrats, liberals, and progressives. I give not one f*** who you are, or what you think our relationship means to you.
If you support this lying bitch Christine Ford, and her faulty, inaccurate and unsubstantiated lies against Brett Kavanaugh, and you want to ruin this man’s life in favor of the ability to retain some bulls*** right to kill millions of babies in the USA every year via Roe vs. Wade.

Well please f***ing remove me. I don’t need deceitful, or gullible degenerates in my life. If you can side with Christine Ford after this weak and unsubstantiated testimony that she gives, with NO corroboration, even with people who she said who was there, even people friends of hers deny being there, or knowing about this party or anything like it.

This doesn’t just affect the life of Judge Kavanaugh, though that is enough for me to be pissed off about this. This effects the ENTIRE nation and the high courts of the USA permanently.
This reckless accusation is one of the worst that I have ever witnessed!

I hope that he gets confirmed, and I hope that there is some changes to the laws surrounding false accusations.

I have been addressing false accusations for a long time.

And while my experience has been mild compared to judge Kavanaugh, I too have been affected by false accusations

These are some facts about the statistics of false accusations. These are the largest portion of all crimes committed that are proven fake. There is no crime that is falsely reported more than sex allegations.


I recently disproved many lies that family waged at me, none have been sexual in nature thank God.
However my mom wrote horrible stories about how when I was living in a 5 million dollar home in Bellevue Washington that I attempted to steal her broken down trailer park home, while even at the same time was paying big bucks to host her at our mansion that I was paying $8300 per month for (in work and cash). 

I keep my diary of how I am combating my own dark cloud of reckless, careless and hateful people here:


Remix of Eminem cleaning out my closet  (I made a little rap about this)

And I will not allow ANYONE else to go through this, to the extent that I have the ability, and I have a renewed vigor to finish my lie detection software which you can learn more about here:


Do not think that this won’t have a backlash. The tide has changed in the USA, and in the world. Liars will find out exactly where they sit at the table of the future, and it is NOT in a place of power anymore.

What comes around goes around, as Judge Kavanaugh explained.

It’s like the boy that cried wolf. If you makeup enough bulls*** lies, and are found out, eventually people will stop believing your s***.

Be careful in the future! This bad behavior will no longer be tolerated!

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Lindsey Graham’s response at the end of the hearing was FANTASTIC

Kavanaugh playlist on youtube I still believe in “innocent until proven guilty”

As all of these lefties are making false allegations against judge Kavanaugh, at least one of these have been retracted and the man that accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting his female friend on a boat in Rhode Island, apologized.


Which proves the points that Republicans on the Judicial Committee have been making this whole time about the problem with how #1 Democrats held on to these accusations for well too long without reporting it, and #2 that the longer this goes on, the more fake copycats will popup out of the woodwork.

The statistics regarding false accusations are extremely high, and higher than any other falsely reported crime in the USA.

For those interested in seeking justice for false accusations, join this group ACTIONS AGAINST FALSE ACCUSATIONS

Legal Recourse When Falsely Accused of a Crime

More information from various sources on fake sexual assault allegations;


A selection of findings on the prevalence of false rape allegations. Data from Rumney (2006).
NumberFalse reporting rate (%)
Theilade and Thomsen (1986)1 out of 56
4 out of 39
1.5% (minimum)
10% (maximum)
New York Rape Squad (1974)n/a2%
Hursch and Selkin (1974)10 out of 5452%
Kelly et al. (2005)67 out of 2,6433% (“possible” and “probable” false allegations)
22% (recorded by police as “no-crime”)
Geis (1978)n/a3–31% (estimates given by police surgeons)
Smith (1989)17 out of 4473.8%
U.S. Department of Justice (1997)n/a8%
Clark and Lewis (1977)12 out of 11610.3%
Harris and Grace (1999)53 out of 483
123 out of 483
10.9% (“false/malicious” claims)
25% (recorded by police as “no-crime”)
Lea et al. (2003)42 out of 37911%
HMCPSI/HMIC (2002)164 out of 1,37911.8%
McCahill et al. (1979)218 out of 1,19818.2%
Philadelphia police study (1968)74 out of 37020%
Chambers and Millar (1983)44 out of 19622.4%
Grace et al. (1992)80 out of 33524%
Jordan (2004)68 out of 164
62 out of 164
41% (“false” claims)
38% (viewed by police as “possibly true/possibly false”)
Kanin (1994)45 out of 10941%
Gregory and Lees (1996)49 out of 10945%
Maclean (1979)16 out of 3447%
Stewart (1981)16 out of 1890%

Also, as a solution to many of these problems, I continue to insist that those close to me learn how to use a firearm, and to carry a firearm.  Why?  Because the average police response time is over 15 minutes and in some areas as high as two hours, and a restraining order is just a piece of paper.  Learn how to defend yourself, by whatever means that must be for you!

More facts from Michelle Malkin

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