I have sacrificed friendships over this circus surrounding Judge Kavanaugh fake allegations

Written by on September 29, 2018

I want to say that I have pretty strong feelings about this Kavanaugh case on many levels for many reasons.
I am not trying to prop myself up as having the ability to always know truth from fiction, though if you ask my wife she will tell you that I have an incredible ability to read people. It has served us well over the years.
Fake Rape Cases

Fake Rape Cases

The reason that I have such strong feelings, and the reason I have chosen to separate from friends on social media (I mean real friends), is that I have researched this extensively, the statistics about fake rape reports, and I have also been both the victim of some unwanted sexual aggression both by a man when I was a young teen in jail (not rape, but violent sexual threats), and as a young adult, from a girlfriend who was large and strong, when I was small and just getting off the streets after being homeless for three years. I did feel helpless, in both situations. In jail because I was small and weak, and young. And in my relationship with this girl, because I had few options but to struggle and get away (which I did).
With the girl-friend situation, I could have punched her square in the jaw, and it would have been justified. But the court wouldn’t have saw it that way, and I was well aware of that.
But the false accusations against me, came at a time when I choose to stick up for my grandmother who was being severely abused by my mother. In response to me standing up for my grandmother, my mom decided to level me with false accusations online. None of them sexual in nature, thank God. But telling a very terrible story of my trying to steal from her, and me being violent as a teen. I guess she figured it would negate any backlash she got, of how at the time how she was actively treating my grandmother (and my father when he was dying of cancer). No one has to take my word for it though, because when the claims were being made, she did not think I was aware, and I both documented her claims, and documented the versions and claims from 7 other people who testify to exactly what I said about my grandmother and father being abused and testifying that what my mom claimed was not true.
Cry Rape - Get out of jail free

Cry Rape – Get out of jail free

I felt more raped by the false accusations than the actual sexual violence and threats aimed at me. The false accusations for me, scarred me FAR worse.
I never really thought much about the sexual violence. Although every time I hear catchy slogans that are created to benefit female victims, like “believe women” and “#metoo” I do think about those two incidents and it does stir up some emotions about this stupid gender war that society is currently in.
I wrote a bit about it at www.disruptarian.com, and I will continue to write about it.
But what strikes a nerve for me with this Brett Kavanaugh vs. Christine Ford case, are many things, which I have formulated an educated guess about.
Why I do not believe that Judge Kavanaugh was the perpetrator?
1. His testimony strikes me as sincere. Not cold and calculated, not fictionalized, not like a man who has ever been a sexual predator, ever.
2. That the politicians brought up his yearbook as evidence of him being sexually aggressive. But they failed to bring up her yearbook, which shows her as very sexualized, as well as violent and racist. I challenge you to look that information up. If there was anyone getting into sex and risky behavior early in life, it was Mrs Ford.
3. I do believe her in part, in that I believe she had gotten in a situation in her youth that got out of control. I do not believe it was Judge Kavanaugh that perpetrated it, but I believe it is true (part of what she says), and it is very likely the persons who stepped forward and claimed responsibility for the situation that she described. I find it interesting that the Democrats are so easy to dismiss that.
Truth vs Lies

Truth vs Lies

The fact that Democrats are so dismissive of the two men who stepped up to claim responsibility shows me, that the politicians orchestrated this (including Christine Ford) to prevent this man from reaching the bench, in order to preserve their legal right to kill babies. I truly believe that is the causation of all of this.
They have so much hatred for pro-life people, that I do not doubt in the slightest that they could have pulled this off with a straight face, thinking that they are doing the world a favor, by ANY MEANS NECESSARY (another slogan of the left since Trump has been elected, to interrupt his presidency).
I think sexual violence is horrible, which is why I have tried to be part of the solution.
1. By always advocating for gun rights, and legal gun ownership and the ability to bear those arms at all times.
2. By creating over the years a lie detection software that reaches (hopefully someday) a high level of accuracy by combining different algorithms (of 12 different lie detection methods) to come up with an average of many tests.
I have been working on that since 2011 in response to my mother’s accusations and in response to shady politicians. You can read more about it at: www.veracitylife.com
I will warn those who are so reliant of fake stories and accusations to legitimize shady aspects of their life.
You are doing a terrible disservice to REAL victims.
I wrote about the fake rape claims and the high number of fake accusations which is higher than any crime that is falsely reported. My article and references is at
I hate to have separated and potentially having lost friends over this. But I refuse to be close to people who can support what is going on in this witch-hunt of Judge Kavanaugh.
I admit, I think he is weak on the fourth amendment and a few other things. But the areas that he is good in, he is very good.
I do think there are likely better candidates out there. I would even go for a Judge Andrew Napolitano or someone similar to him, a strict constitutionalist.
But if itis between a pro-life and a pro-choice candidate, the stakes are too high to potentially allow a liberal nut job into that office. So I support Kavanaugh.
#confirm #kavanaugh

Reference:   Corey Booker may be going hard on Judge Kavanaugh, but it wasn’t so long ago that:

Cory Booker Admits to Sexual Assault in 1992 Stanford Column

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