What does AI mean for my future

Written by on July 13, 2019

What does AI mean for my future? For my ambitions?
People often wonder, if he is always posting about AI, what is the end game?
I have posted about this a few times in the past. And I have been meeting with developers all over the world regarding this.
I have a few people in my life that inspired me, because they are pathological liars and often professional victims.
While it was hard for me to cut the cord that bound us together (by blood), I did not want to let the lost relationship just be a waste of time, or a vault of hard feelings.
So I have been developing some AI that combines so far 8 algorithms that measures truth and sincerity.
You can learn more about my project at www.veracitylife.com
This has been a near 10 year endeavor. I have a lot of progress made, and I intend to jump back into this endeavor soon.
This will be useful not just for personal conflicts, but for public officials, campaigns, legal matters, etc.
I intend to have 3 versions of this tool released by 2022.
1. Personal/Consumer
2. Commercial
3. Commercial+ (for intensive analyzation that connect to a neural network for intensive processing)
I hope you realize that this is possible. It will be a real thing. So much progress has already been made by the algorithms that I am combining into this.
Just you wait, liars will be a thing of the past.
I want to send out a personal thank you to the liars that inspired me. 
Also I would like to mention that I believe in the free market, and I feel like if someone beats me to this, by releasing a useful, innovative, and accurate product to market before I do, more power to you.   I have not yet got a patent on any of this yet.   However I do feel like with how invested I am and how much progress I have already made, that I will release the better product.   If you are interested in helping with this project, contact me at  [email protected]
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