Support for the TMT rising, in spite of all of the protesting by a minority of Hawaiians

Written by on July 15, 2019

“On the eve of a court ruling that could determine the fate of the Thirty Meter Telescope in Hawaii, public support for the stalled $1.4 billion project has never been stronger.”
According to the Star Advertiser in Honolulu.
More information about the poll here:  https://www.staradvertiser.com/staradvertiser-poll/support-work-thirty-meter-telescope-starting-monday/
Showing an overwhelming support for the Thirty Meter Telescope.
From another long standing Hawaiian publisher, shows the same data.

Ward poll shows 62% of Native Hawaiians support the TMT project.


Edit:  (adding this for context, based on a confusion that someone brought to my attention)

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You don’t have to listen to either of them (videos that I posted). If you want the facts just pay attention to the dates. The link themselves show the dates. You are referencing an article from 2015, but even that article showed a trend of increasing support for the TMT even in 2015. In 2019 there are two different polls from credible sources that show even more increase since 2015.

The article that I wrote documents this too.

I used the data from the old polls and the recent polls to show the increase in support, which is now 72% among Native Hawaiians.

If you use the old data, which you have, it still shows in 2015 62% support.

Which is not 50/50

However if you want to get to that 50/50 number (he claimed support for the TMT was divided 50/50), like I pointed out, go back to even before 2015. You’ll eventually get there if you go back far enough.

And in my 4 minute video I pointed that out and took a screen cast of the actual text you are referencing. If you would have just included the sentence before the one you cherry picked, it would show you are referencing old data. And if you would have included the paragraph after the one that you cherry picked, it would have shown the 2-1 ratio.

You clipped out old data from an old article that was simply pointing out how support has increased from 2010 to 2015. Now if you reference the two new polls from 2019, you will see it went from 62% in 2015 to 72% in 2019, among Native Hawaiians. And almost 90% support among Hawaiian residents as a whole

A recent survey by the 158 year old newspaper shows that 72% of Native Hawaiians support the Thirty Meter Telescope project.

Seventy Two Percent of Native Hawaiians Support the TMT

Seventy Two Percent of Native Hawaiians Support the TMT


The Thirty Meter Telescope means a lot of great things for Hawaii.  The opportunities that come with so much STEM investment in Hawaii means a lot of new high paying STEM jobs, for not just the telescope project, but also for supportive services involved with the STEM project.  Along with the TMT project, the Alaska Aerospace Project is also proposing a new facility in the Puna district and may build a rocket launching facility for small rocket launches  in the near future.   This is not only a huge benefit to Hawaii, but also for humanity as a whole.

I say that this is a huge benefit for humanity as a whole, because the Earth has went through 5 mass extinctions that scientists have identified.  The last one was with the dinosaurs dying off after a massive asteroid hit earth.   If the dinosaurs had a decent space program they could have used a rocket with a nuclear weapon to hit and deflect the asteroid that hit earth, and that destroyed almost all life on earth.   One problem that humans have right now, is detection of a space object that could potentially destroy earth.  With the Thirty Meter Telescope that could help with the detection of a species ending space object that could potentially hit earth.

This is an article from the Smithsonian about the asteroid that destroyed 99% of all life on earth.


In celebration of the Thirty Meter Telescope, our family launched some model rockets on 7/13/2019 in Puna.


Also a meeting that happened on July 8th 2019 at the Hawaii County Council addressed this topic of the Thirty Meter Telescope, and took public comments.
There was a surprising amount of support for the TMT.  It was also made clear by the supporters, that there have been a lot of violent threats against supporters by the tiny group of opposition.

TMT Hawaiian County Council Meeting July 8th 2019 Thirty Meter Telescope

TMT Hawaiian County Council Meeting July 8th 2019 Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea. The testimony surrounding the clips that I included in this video were people protesting the telescope. I took these two clips which are supportive of the Thirty Meter Telescope AKA TMT by locals.

Disruptarian has started a growing facebook group to support the TMT

Support for the Thirty Meter Telescope TMT

Support for the Thirty Meter Telescope TMT

Support for the Thirty Meter Telescope TMT

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