Dave Chappelle breaks the internet and SJW chill

Written by on September 7, 2019

With Dave Chappelle’s new special “Sticks and Stones” he literally breaks the internet.   I mean parts of it anyway.
First Rotten Tomatoes decides to not let the public vote on the Netflix’s special, and only allows a handful of specially selected, mostly LGBTQQ… activists (according to their profiles at their respective job positions) and the rest being SJW liberal critics to vote.  First, there were 5, which all gave 0%, a few days later after some backlash for the bias review, there were 7, which gave the review 29%, and then eventually they allowed the public to vote, which it now has a 99% rating.   But they had attempted to skew the results until the backlash hit.

Dave Chappelle Rotten Tomatoes

Dave Chappelle Rotten Tomatoes 0% rating

This is a trailer for the episode.

Dave Chappelle Netflix Standup Comedy Special Trailer | Sticks & Stones

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It is quite honestly brilliant!  From my very bias point of view.

However, I am not alone in this obviously.

Dave Chappelle Rotten Tomatoes

Dave Chappelle Rotten Tomatoes 99%

The rating has gone much much higher with more and more votes being added to that 99%.

But it goes to show, if you ask Hollywood critics their opinion, they feel something completely unique compared to the general consensus of the actual consumers of this comedy, which overwhelmingly LOVE it.
The narrative is, “you can be funny, but you better not touch these special subjects, or else!”

Dave actually set this one up well in the show, where he was allowed to say “ni**er” but he could not say “fa**ot”.

Dave Chappelle ‘Sticks & Stones’: Why I’m not allowed to say f*ggot but allowed to say N-word?
Stick and Stones Special

Posted on 9/4/2019, 3:17:35 AM by Bigtigermike

So she sits me down. We have a nice conversation. She tells me, “Oh, the sketches are great.” I go, “Oh, fantastic. Well, then… well, then, why am I here?” She said, “Because, David, there’s no way… that you can ever say the word… “f*ggot” on our network.

I didn’t know I did anything wrong. I didn’t try to defend myself. I said, “All right. F*** it, I’ll take it out. Have a good afternoon.”

And as I was leaving, it occurred to me. “Hey. Hey, Renée, quick question. It’s just a question. Seriously, I wanna know. Like, wh-why is it… why is it that… that I can say the word “n*gger” with impunity… …but I can’t say the word “f*ggot”?”

And she said, “Because, David, you are not gay.” I said, “Well, Renée… I’m not a n*gger either.”

But, you see, what I didn’t realize at the time and what Kevin [Hart] had to learn the hard way is we were breaking an unwritten and unspoken rule of show business. And if I say it, you’ll know that I’m telling you the truth.

The rule is that no matter what you do in your artistic expression, you are never, ever, allowed to upset… the alphabet people. You know who I mean. Those people that took 20% of the alphabet for themselves. I’d say the letters, but I don’t want to conjure their anger. Ah, it’s too late now. I’m talking about them L’s and them B’s and them G’s and the T’s.

It seems like comedy is very politically correct now, and it only applies to very specific groups, not all marginalized groups, just specific groups.

Dave further addresses this conundrum by doing some VERY accurate impressions of his audience.

Dave Chappelle's Impressions Are Insanely Accurate | Netflix Is A Joke

Watch this video on YouTube.
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Dave slays “cancel culture” in one hour.  It is absolutely amazing.  I have ALWAYS been excited to see Dave’s shows.   This one was the best one yet!





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