Institutional and cultural racism in Hawaii state – TMT protests

Written by on October 3, 2019

Institutional and cultural racism in Hawaii state – TMT protests <youtube link

Institutional and cultural racism in Hawaii state – TMT protests

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I go through these points, in an active online conversation about the TMT, Racism in Hawaii, and Hawaiian history.  A lot of these questions/answers/sources come directly from a back and forth discussion on this youtube video <link

1. Kill Haole Day (state tradition for decades), to beat up white kids on the last day of school
2. Racial preference at Kamehameha school. (just think if there was a private school that only accepted white kids, RACIST)
3. DHHL, giving $1 leases on land to people with certain blood quantum.

Questions and accusations and other topics include:

  1.  Ken Conklin’s credentials for Hawaiian history
  2. Puna district pollution (compared to what they claim about what the TMT will produce on Mauna Kea)
  3. Fake accusations
  4. Threats and violence surrounding the racism in Hawaiian culture

    Reference from the SLPC (Im not a big fan of the SLPC, but they typically only report on racism by Caucasians.  It was shocking to see the SLPC report on racism by Hawaiians, and to detail how the Hawaii government disguises crime statistics to shelter the tourism industry from backlash: https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/intelligence-report/2009/hawaii-suffering-racial-prejudice)

After a long drawn out conversation on a youtube video about “Mauna Kea: Sen. Kahele Responds To Mayor’s “Way Forward

Ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_TQhbd10aI

More references;

Reference about the definition of annexation:


Reference to Ken Conkin’s credentials on Hawaiian history



References to desecration on Mauna Kea by protesters


References to pollution and land desecration in Hawaii county


More about racism from Laird Hamilton (renown surfer from Hawaii), Institutional and cultural racism in Hawaii state

Laird Hamilton: Bullied by racists at school

Watch this video on YouTube.
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