The European Union is falling apart, countries are bailing out

Written by on February 25, 2017

Since the EU was formed in 1973 there has been a lot of skeptical optimism of how the European Union would be beneficial to the countries that have signed up.   There are 28 member states currently in the EU, and there are at least 5 that are pushing to declare independence.

Currently the countries that are working on independence are (starting with the strongest push to the newest and less strong push);  The United Kingdom which consists of Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland but we will count that as one member state since they all are governed by the same governing body, then there is France (Frexit) with the front runner in the France presidential campaigns Marie Le Pen, who praises Trump and is calling for a departure for the EU similar to Brexit, after that is Greece is who feeling the pain of being a member of the EU with constant bank meddling and austerity measures, and they are ready to leave the EU and convert over to the US dollar, and lastly there is Holland with Geert Wilders who is very much like Le Pen and who also sees the value in the Trump election and the Brexit departure from the EU.  (more on the countries considering leaving the EU)

All of these countries are seeing massive crime and uprisings from refugees and immigrants, and massive departure of workers and contributors to their economic stability.   They all see independence as the best route at least by the looks of their popular political candidates and leaders.

Combine that with the American people not only voting Trump in as president, but also voting for a majority conservative government in all branches this last election, it is clear that we are living in changing times.

What was interesting to me, and I have documented it before.  Is that even the left and far left in the USA had been pushing for immigration limitations and reform, and pushing a highly nationalist agenda.  Which I created compilations of Obama, Hillary and Bernie making very similar statements to what Trump’s immigration policies were.


The European Crisis Timeline

Here are some video sources for the above statements;

Geert Wilders;

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Brexit, Grexit and the future of the EU – UpFront

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Edit:  03/03/2017 added

In other news, Scotland is also considering it’s own independence separate from the Brexit deal.
Reference; http://www.scotsman.com/news/scottish-independence-10-reasons-why-yes-think-they-can-win-1-4382516

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