Why I dismiss many criticisms from partisan points of view

Written by on March 4, 2017

What bothers me most about the left attacking Trump for his policies?
If these are the same people who supported Obama, and cheered Obama before, during and after his time as Commander in Chief, and they never once criticized his anti-liberty policies, never once criticized his anti-immigration polices, and never criticized his wars and his excessive bombing….
Then, I feel these people have no place at the table in criticizing these same things about Trump.
I can at very least say that I criticized BOTH Trump and Obama for these things. NOT just one or the other.

Here is a post from a long time ago about this.

Why is the left so silent about Obama’s wars, both foreign and domestic

So to my leftist friends who hate Trump for A, B and C.

Why don’t you just admit that you like playing partisan politics, and that it really isn’t about policy. At least be honest.

As for my commentary on “The Donald” and other politicians.  I volunteered my assessment and who I was supporting and who I was not supporting in February 2016.
Reference: http://opinions.clovisstar.com/with-so-few-sincere-candidates-who-to-vote-for-in-2016-for-president/


I was amazed that out of around 320 million people in the USA, apparently we could only get the worst possible choices for president this last election.
I have given many criticisms of Donald and the other candidates on YouTube.  I hold myself accountable by making my opinions public and unchangeable (via youtube).  Because so many people that give political opinions rarely own their opinions.  This is the problem that I have with these people criticizing the new government in the USA, for doing the same things that Obama did in spades, and they did not offer any criticism to or for Obama (if you did, PROVE IT).   I think of a partisan political supporter or voter as someone similar to someone who is a die hard football fan, spending all of their free time and extra cash supporting a team, that is getting rich from their support, but not really doing anything really productive for the fan.  Supporting these career politicians, just because they give good talking points that align with your world-view does not mean that they actually support you or your world view.  They are just appealing to your emotions, so that they get re-elected.  Barack Obama was certainly proof of that.
I had a brother in law, who in order to reduce me tried to say that I was a George Bush supporter.  Which is the most laughable accusation that I have ever heard.  When even before I met him or his sister (whom I am still married to over 14 years later), I was writing blogs at www.behindzioncurtain.com and making videos and radio shows criticizing George Bush, and it was an obvious fact that I was a Ralph Nader supporter.   The best way to clear the air there, is to go to www.archive.org and look up some of my old web addresses, such as www.UtahPirateRadio.com
(I lost control of those domains for a few years, but I recently got them back, however you can see the early 2000’s and even as early as 1999, that I was very critical of the right, and other establishment politicians, and I always have been)
I have been blogging, and writing since before the internet on Bulletin Board Systems and networks like Fidonet since 1992.  I am extremely open about my political points of view.   The people whom I presently question regarding their constitution and commitment, are the ones that refuse to own their views and opinions.   I am still working on technology to sort out truth from untruthfulness.  Reference; http://veracitylife.com 
But regardless, those people who have a different point of view, depending on their audience, are the same types who never questioned Obama about the same things that they are rallying against Trump about.

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