Utah Proposition 2 subverted, suicides on the rise

Written by on February 23, 2019

This is a very serious topic for me. I have lost many people in the area of Springville Utah in my generation who have taken their own lives, or have OD on drugs in a kamikaze pursuit to end their own lives.
Or at least replace what they once had with substances and other addictions.

I can count 15 people who took their own lives and 3 Overdoses from my class, and we are only 41, many of these deaths took place early on. I lived with an uncle and nephew who lived with their grandma, and were only a year or two a part. They both took their own lives early in life. So many others, I also spoke at my brothers funeral when he took his own life, and a few others over the years.

I have lived in a lot of places of the world, and I very much enjoy the world and humanity as a whole. But Utah is untolerable for me. I know a lot of what I can and would complain about are “first world problems”. I personally would love to live their again. We had a successful business on Main Street and bought our first home in Mapleton (the next town over).

Our second location (move) in Springville Utah

I have told my wife many times how fond I am of Springville Utah and how I would love to go back to that town. But I can not subject my kids to it, so it may happen for me, but I will be much older by then.

I worry about my kiddos, it is just human nature and there are some very serious issues in Springville.

I spoke about it in a video that I made about 9 years ago.

Springville Leads the Nation in Prescription Drug Abuse
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Springville Utah leads the nation in prescription drug abuse

The state of Utah are often #1 for teen suicide, and are current #5 for overall suicide and suicide is on the rise (drastically in Utah).

In fact the leading cause of death for kids 11 to 17 is suicide in Utah.


Utah uses twice the national average of prescription drugs.

This is a reference that I used in my broadcast today, showing a warning label for an anti-depressant.

Ref: https://www.uspharmacist.com/article/antidepressants-and-suicide-in-children


My main topic for today’s show is to illustrate the absolute control that the LDS church has on Utah politics.

I wanted to offer a Bible lesson about the priestly anointing oil of Moses.



And my point is not only is it a holy sacrament and ritual, but that cannabis is safe and effective for treating many medical conditions. There is no argument tere.
In regards to safety, no one has died from cannabis. But 10’s of thousands of people died from prescription drugs and their side effects.

We have a group where we offer this information, 6000 strong so far.

Cannabis Cures Cancer @ Causes.com

I encourage the LDS church to stay out of politics, and let the will of the people stand, before they irreparably destroy our republic.


The LDS church destroyed this to nearly nothing. Just like their “Zion Curtain” crap.

Disruptarian February 23rd 2019 – Utah Medical Cannabis and Proposition 2
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February 23rd 2019 Proposition 2 Utah Medical Cannabis Law

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