Disruptarian media presents; Trump Brexit Documentary in the UK

Written by on February 1, 2017

Trump Brexit Documentary in the UK, Disruptarian media presents a documentary to discuss the vote to leave the European Union by Britain.. We will be interviewing Brits to learn more about their choice to leave the EU.  The significance of how this relates to Donald Trump being elected, is that the consequences of both votes, seem to mean very similar things.
Which include ending trade deals that give more than take, ending massive immigration by both illegals and potentially refugees, and a restructuring of many government agencies.

As an American who is interested in the connection between these two votes happening at a very similar timeline and during a very critical moment in the world, where the world economy is becoming more global, and the governments are starting to merge into one less competitive regime, rather than many competitive countries.  I intend to interview Brits and others throughout the world to find out what motivated this drastic change in two world super power’s governments.

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