Jennifer Ruggles Townhall Meeting Keaau HI October 15th 2018

Written by on October 15, 2018

Aloha! I am attempting to contribute to the conversation regarding Hawaii’s independence by providing more historical information on the topic of the annexation of Hawaii 125 years ago. 

I will be at the townhall meeting in Keaau HI on October 15th 2018

Jen Ruggles Townhall meeting October 15th 2018

Jen Ruggles Townhall meeting October 15th 2018

I will also attempt to livestream the meeting at: https://youtu.be/Mi3hOIUWFYU

The topic is a 125+ year old annexation of Hawaii by the USA. There are a lot of claims, a lot of documents and a lot of history referenced which is extremely difficult to find.

I created a knowledge base with a lot of these records, and I am adding more as I find them. 

I tried to post this last week on the Event that Jennifer Ruggles set up, and also on her personal facebook page, but when I checked today, the posts that I made are not available. I am not accusing, just making an observation. My other posts are still available on Jen Ruggles FB page, just not the one about the latest information that I have found and made available.

To make it known to others who may be seeking, but not easily finding these records from history, I have created this archive


You will find everything from the Blount Report, to the Morgan Report, to the 

There are a ton of documents there, photos of the original documents, and history that appears to be scarcely available on the internet.

Dr. Keanu Sai references many of these historical documents and events in his presentation, but surprisingly I hardly ever (in fact I have never) heard him speak about the Morgan Report, or many other topics that I have carefully collected and made available on my website.

I will also be hosting a radio show on this very topic on February 2nd 2019 at 4:20pm -10 GMT at


Why is this important you ask? To make an educated decision, one must have ample and accurate information. I believe that forming an opinion or making a decision with only a fragmented view of the entire situation is a disservice. I intend to take calls and get answers on February 2nd’s show.

There are so many documents that are important to this topic, and I have not been able to find very many of them that are easily available to the public. Even at the townhall meetings, typically what is presented is the Hague and Geneva conventions documents that discuss vaguely about “war crimes” and “treaties”. But nothing specifically related to this topic, only indirectly.

I appreciate Jennifer Ruggles and Dr. Sai taking and answering questions on this subject. But during the meeting on September 24th 2018, I ask how these 1949 rules apply to 1893. I was surprised when Dr. Keanu Sai said that these rules apply because Hawaii was adopted into the British Kingdom.

Yet after doing more research, I did not find a single Parliamentary meeting in the United Kingdom, that ratified this adoption of Hawaii in the British Kingdom, and ratification would be necessary if Dr. Sai statement is true.
My hope is to get to the bottom of all of this. Mahalo! Blessings! ~ Ryan Thompson

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