The story of hawaiian sovereignty from a Haole who lives in Hawaii

Written by on October 17, 2018

The Story Of Hawaiian Sovereignty From A Haole Who Lives In Hawaii

Aloha! My name is Ryan Thompson. I live with my family of six on the Big Island in the Puna district, often known for its rural and agricultural features and activities. There is also small pockets of good surf, and always good food (L&L Bar B Que and so many others!). I have encountered some of the pain left over from the last 200 years from the Hawaiian islands being “stolen” by outsiders. I have documented prominent and influential Hawaiian scholars such as the ever articulate and wise Haunani Kay Trask. There are a lot of legitimate claims by the sovereignty movement. But, I contest the racism in the movement as ill-founded and counterproductive to helping the island. I don’t doubt or dispute the claims of broken treaties, but in this video, I wanted to illustrate how I view this declaration for racially based citizenship in Hawaii, and what the different arguments are for and against this notion.

I am personally very libertarian, even on US borders.  I do not support “the wall” or any of that.  But I also do not support income taxes.  So I get in trouble with both the left and the right.   Most of my political views could lean either way, or neither of the two party system sides.

I can say that I very much support independence and supported independence for Puerto Rico.  There is a lot of crap that the islands get.  I do not doubt that what-so-ever.
From certain business taxes, banker intervention in the economy, and The Jones Act which costs all of the islands deeply.

I simply wish we could get past color, or ethnicity, and recognize that we are in the human race.

I made this video on September 2nd 2018


Along with the video that I spliced together (references to source links at the bottom)

I also wanted to give a better video from a third party that I am not associated with, that gives the more native Hawaiian side of this, and it is a great source, even though I disagree with some of it. I see it from their point of view.


I also want to present Dinesh D’Souza on the topic of “Conquest” illustrating how so many if not ALL cultures have ruled with conquest and expansion of their territories through war.

More information on the Hawaiian history

List Of Conflicts In Hawaii Prior To The European Conquest.


List Of Hawaiian Independence Movements

Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement – Wikipedia


Ka Lāhui

Ka Pākaukau

Nation Of Hawaiʻi

Nou Ke Akua Ke Aupuni O Hawaii – The Kingdom Of Hawaii
Google Search

Mauna Kea Anaina Hou

Poka Laenui 

Protect Kahoolawe Ohana (PKO)
Google Search

Hawaiian Kingdom

Hawaiian Kingdom Government

Our Experience In Puerto Rico

When we were in Puerto Rico I made a video about what I thought of the islanders and Latino people that I have in my family (spiritual family) and I had nothing but good to say about the locals and I also mentioned that I supported independence for Puerto Rico, as well as Hawaii.  This was from January 31st 2017, 8 months before the hurricanes destroyed the island.

Latin Americans are the hardest working most determined people

Watch this video on YouTube.
Click the video to play

I also had strong words for President Trump about Puerto Rico and the way he was treating and neglecting the island

Response to Trump about Puerto Rico, aid to PR

Watch this video on YouTube.
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The Puerto Rican people were for the most part very proud to be American, and many are glad that they are not ruled by Spain any more quite honestly.  At least that is the impression that I got from my Puerto Rican family.   God bless them.

More On Our Journey In Puerto Rico.

So please do not get me wrong.  I do support islanders rights to self-determination, and no less than I support for anyone else.

I just wonder what the end result would look like, would it look racist?   I do not support it if it looks racist.  ‘Nough said

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