Mauna Kea Protesters Want to Keep Hawaiian Lands in Hawaiian Hands

Written by on July 24, 2019

Mauna Kea Protesters Want to Keep Hawaiian Lands in Hawaiian Hands.

They say “Hawaii is a fake state” and that the USA stole Hawaii from the Monarchy in 1893.

Latest video What is at the heart of the Mauna Kea Protests?

What is at the heart of the Mauna Kea Protest, the TMT or Hawaiian Sovereignty?

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The facts are far different than they present, and this transition started long before 1893 when Hawaiian subjects, Hawaiian citizens and genetic Hawaiians overthrew their government.

This process started when King Kamehameha I made European visitors Ail’i (chiefs) and gave them land and wives in exchange for weapons and ships so that King Kamehameha I could destroy his enemies in local islands, some were his cousins and other family, and he wanted those weapons so bad to destroy those people, that he started giving up parts of Hawaii to foreigners.

There are the different constitutions of Hawaii, which contrasted one from the other greatly, which gives a bit of a look into the conflicts in Hawaii from one regime to the next, long before Hawaii was annexed into the USA.

  • Kingdom of Hawaii. Constitution of 1840 on October 8, 1840.
  • The Constitution of 1852 came into effect under Kamehameha III signed it into law June 14, 1852.
  • Republic of Hawaii. Constitution of 1894 on July 4, 1894.
  • Territory of Hawaii. Organic Act of 1990 on June 14, 1900.
  • State of Hawaii. Constitution of 1950 on August 21, 159 (statehood)

When Hawaiian sovereignty people say that Hawaii was stolen.
In fact it was mismanaged by war and greed, and then more greed and mismanagement, and even more mismanagement until the Hawaiian Kingdom dissolved slowly over 100 years time.

Here are some links to sources that are referenced in the video;

Dr. Ken Conklin’s documentation of this descent of Hawaii.

This is from Dr. Ken Conklin’s work;

Dr. Ken Conklin’s website on Hawaiian Studies

Going a bit further back, but not too far, is when Tahitians (modern day Hawaiian’s ancestors) conquered Hawaii and took it from the original inhabitants, which those first inhabitants came from South East Asia.

This is confirmed by many sciences.

First with Oral Tradition:


Then through DNA evidence


And linguistic evidence.


Hawaiians (Tahitians) were not the first inhabitants of Hawaii.

So if we are to give Hawaii back to the original inhabitants, then where are they? In Fiji and Taiwan? Because the people who are here now, are not the original inhabitants.

And beyond that, if the overthrow of Hawaii is null and void, and if we are in a “fake state”, then is the USA also a fake state?

What about all of the other countries who have had revolutions?

They always talk about “Codified law” and “the Geneva Convention” and the “Hague Convention”.

So is that the rules that are going by? Rules that didn’t exist until after the overthrow of Hawaii?

Then why did the Hague throw their case out?

Learn more about “Larsen vs. the Hawaiian Kingdom”


If for any reason the referenced linked above are not longer at the location linked to in the future, you can use:   www.archive.org  to view this page and others from how the looked in the  the past

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