Visit to the Mauna Kea TMT Protest on July 20th 2019 Big Island Hawaii

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This is video of my visit to the Mauna Kea TMT Protest on July 20th 2019 Big Island Hawaii.  I went to verify rumors and claims that I have encountered online. I arrived with my Mavic Pro Drone, and I got a few video clips from an aerial perspective as well as a view from the ground and on the road.  I got to the site just in time for the last speech of the day to wrap up, at about 4:45 pm.  They were discussing a non-violent orientation that they are providing on Monday, as well as some positive mentions to the people supporting them, and of their administrative services at the site.  They mentioned that they believe that there is a large force that may come and take them out of the camp, and they are preparing for Monday to be a potential conflict day, but they don’t sound sure.

I do know that David Ige said in his press conference on Friday July 19th, that he doesn’t plan on removing them in the near future.   It seems that the officials/authorities are waiting them out a bit before they move in.

I address some of the racism being dealt out in Hawaii. I tried to explain my opposition to this Hawaiian Sovereignty movement based on the racism that is stirring in the movement.

This was a good visit. Hope you enjoy

Visit to the Mauna Kea TMT Protest on July 20th 2019 Big Island Hawaii

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Some history regarding the history of Hawaii and this disputed annexation of the island chain by the USA from the studies that I have taken on this issue are summarized below.


The overthrow happened via Native Hawaiian born citizens that their ancestors were invited by, given titles (chiefly titles), land and wives to, by King Kamehameha I. So these native born Hawaiians, who did not have American citizenship, they were born in Hawaii before 1893, and they grew up in Hawaii as citizens of these islands, in fact descendants of chiefs (some of them). They banded together and overthrew the government.
How? Well they were unhappy with the economic situation, and feared for the island’s safety as they were wealthy (obviously, coming from chiefly lineage), and were worried about an outside country taking their wealth because Hawaii at the time had no standing army.
They rose up, overthrew the government.
During the unrest there was an American ship with 120 marines aboard. Which was there sort of as the UN would be today, as peace keepers. They did not fire a shot, they did not arrest anyone. They did not threaten anyone. Most accounts say they did not even step foot on the island during the conflict. Other accounts say they did land on Honolulu but were there as observers. However think of UN peacekeepers in a situation like Somalia or something.
So after the conflict the provisional government was established, Queen Liliuokalani attempted a coup. She was arrested and in her internment for sedition, she signed the abdication document, which assigned power to the Republic of Hawaii. She would soon after sign a loyalty oath to the Republic. Then after her short sentence was served at her own home, for the crime of sedition. She was given a large purse of money, and a position in government.
She later relented her decisions and wrote about it. However that was neither here nor there. The signing over of power, the cession had happened. And by 1895 20+ countries on 4 continents in 11 languages including Netherlands, Switzerland, England, etc all recognized that the Republic of Hawaii (not the USA) was the rightful government of Hawaii, not the Kingdom.
About 4 years later, under President Sanford Dole, the Republic of Hawaii asked to be annexed by the USA. Which is was.
This is documented in the Morgan report, and the letters of recognition can be found in the Hawaii state archive.

Mahalo for watching and reading

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