Hawaiian Home Lands TMT Protesters Response to Governor David Ige

Written by on July 20, 2019

In the following video I gave a few different presentations related to the Thirty Meter Telescope project on Mauna Kea, and I also addressed the real issue underlying the protesters who are protesting the construction of the telescope.

The Hawaiian Sovereignty movement is very much behind the TMT telescope project.  They are making a stand against it, because the claim all of Hawaii belong exclusively to genetic Hawaiians.

So I addressed the origin of the so-called “Native Hawaiian” people, and the origin of the formation of the state of Hawaii, which they contest as “illegal occupation”.

This is a very important topic to address because of how deeply it relates to the resistance of this small group of Hawaiians that reject the Thirty Meter Telescope.

Modern day Hawaiians come from Tahiti not too long ago, and they conquered South East Asians to get these islands.  After that for 700 years the Hawaiian islands fought bitterly and brutally in conquest for each other’s land.

Then the cession of power in Hawaii was taken by Native Born Hawaiians, this is a subject that these sovereignty people don’t like to talk about.

King Kamehameha gave several foreigners titles as chiefs, land and wives. Their children born in Hawaii (aka Native Hawaiians), then overthrew their government and created the Republic of Hawaii.
The ex-Queen signed the Abdication Document ceeding her power and shortly thereafter she signed loyalty oath to the Republic. Then 20 countries including Switzerland and Netherlands and other countries in 4 continents and 11 languages recognizing the Republic of Hawaii as the legitimate government.

Hawaiian Home Lands TMT Protesters Response to Governor David Ige

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This is the map that I created showing the Hawaiian Home Lands and relationship with the protesters and the observatories.  Neither are on Hawaiian Homelands.

astronomy precinct

Hawaiian Homelands and Astronomy Precinct

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