Letters to Hawaii County Council Members about Mauna Kea and the TMT Project July 19th 2019

Written by on July 19, 2019

The first letter is to;

Matt Kanaelii-Kleinfelder



Dear Matt

“I want to be very clear in our support for the TMT.
This is bringing in much needed jobs to a community that just got rekt by a natural disaster.
The protesters are breaking the law, blocking a county road, and preventing a lot of people from going to work.
I hope that they end their protest soon. Puna and Hawaii in general really need this project.
A lot of labor unions (labor unions who apparently endorse you) are out in protest FOR the TMT project.
You can read the two articles that I have written on this subject.



This is our model rocket celebration in Pahoa last week.

Ryan Thompson ”


The second letter was to

Ashley Kierkiewicz

Ashley Kierkiewicz

Ashley Kierkiewicz Hawai’i County Council, District 4

Dear Ashley,

Aloha!  I wanted to comment on your speech on July 20th last year, when you spoke about the financial challenges that our community is facing post-eruption.
I am troubled by the support that Matt Kanaelii-Kleinfelder is not supporting the TMT, and is infact emboldening protesters with his support of them.

As you well know the TMT project is a no-waste facility, it is not impacting historical or present day ritual or burial practices.
The EIS has been very enlightening on what the impact will be.  The fact that 3 telescopes are coming down, to make room for this one telescope is a grand compromise IMHO.

The protesters currently are shutting down public/county roads, impeding people in their productive daily routines, and blocking many workers from performing any of their daily duties for their jobs.

I would like to see you support the TMT, and oppose the protesters who are hurting our already fractured community.

I have a local radio show, that I broadcast from my home in Nanawale.   I have written two blogs about this issue.



My family of 6 have been celebrating the new STEM/SPACE programs coming to Puna and Hawaii island by launching rockets in Pahoa over the last couple of weeks.

Please watch our celebration at this short video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvEjK8R3yis&t=3s

Mahalo for your time,
Ryan Thompson

Hawaii County Council

Hawaii County Council

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