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Written by on December 15, 2018

In 2011 Buju Banton AKA Mark Myrie was convicted of a conspiracy to commit a crime and was given 10 years in his prison sentence. Almost 9 years later Buju Banton is released.  Benjamin Myrie, Buju’s father speaks out, and says the reason his son was imprisoned is because of his son’s hit song Boom Bye Bye.  The homosexual agenda has cost many people their lives and their freedom, Buju is just one of the more notable people.

Here Buju Banton talk about some of the push back and controversy regarding this song Boom Bye Bye in 2009.

I have been writing since Buju Banton was first arrested in support of him, and to reject this fake crime.  The US CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) is the most notorious drug dealers in the world, and that has been proven time and time again.   Yet Buju Banton gets a 10 year sentence for a conspiracy to commit a crime, in which there was no victim. 

This is Buju Banton’s father Benjamin Myrie speaks about his son and Buju’s release from prison.

I am very happy that Buju Banton has been released from prison, and shame on these fake friends and police informants who’s selfish intentions.

This is the rat that snitched out Buju Banton and help to create these fake charges.  Alexander Johnson was paid $50,000 to snitch on this amazing artist.

Reference:  ABC News Evidence on Buju Banton

This is presented in the Miami Times of evidence that Buju Banton was innocent the entire time.

Either way it is fantastic news that the Reggae / Dancehall music legend and some would even say prophet, is free from prison.

If anyone knows how to set up a show in Hawaii to have Buju Banton come do a show here in the islands, we would be most grateful!

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