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Written by on November 18, 2015

Disruptive behavior, disruptive ideas, and the disruptive life!

In life we either choose to go with the flow, or pave new ways.  This show discusses what it takes to be disruptive, in both ideas and thinking, but also in lifestyle and real world daily applications.  To become disruptive is to become resistant to mainstream society, almost as magnets of two opposite polarity.  It is important to break away from the social norm, and the typical requirements of “normal society”.   Breaking the mold is essential to progress   This creates a plain of existence which you can become clear of distractions and obligations, and simply live, and create, and embrace new processes, new people, new places, new inventions, new companies, new and innovative idea, sort of like breathing for the first time, but every day.

In many shows we will talk about economics, and business.  In other shows we will talk about lifestyle and social topics.   We want to have a show at least once a month dedicated to call-ins and guest hosts.  Right now we are trying to decide where we will host the radio show.  This domain is actually dedicated to a book that I am writing.   So we my host this show in the future at;   http://sensilife.com

Call in to speak with the host  (914) 205-5441  Dec 5, 2015 @ 4:30 PM EST  – 5pm

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