Disruptive Radio – PreRecorded Show December 5th 2015

Written by on December 2, 2015

Disruptive Radio – PreRecorded Show December 5th 2015

“Legalization” in Maine 2016, talking about the group behind the initiative

The live show that was broadcast on December 5th 2015


Article that we wrote before dropping our support;

HMC is sponsoring the Regulate Maine initiative

This is the FB thread that this conversation took place:


This is an article that I wrote about this initiative back in August;


A letter that I sent to the organizer of Regulate Maine:

So this is the oddest thing David. Shenna is NOT a cannabis person. At all. I mean, I went back on her facebook page, and youtube videos of her speeches. She NEVER talks about cannabis.

The first time she spoke about cannabis on her facebook feed, was November 30th.

I went through hundreds of her posts dating back to May 2015. Not one mention of cannabis AT ALL until November 30th.

You can view it on the video that I made before.

She supports abortion like it’s going out of style. She loves government handouts, and progressive bullshit.

But she is not a cannabis person. She is THE worst speaker for speaking to a cannabis summit as a “feature speaker”.

Especially in light of having Chris Lyons, an ACTUAL senate candidate who has supported cannabis like crazy for years. Used his support for cannabis as a featured aspect of his campaign.

But Bellows? Wow. Pathetic.

Im dropping out. Please cancel the sponsorship. I don’t want my name associated with her. I value life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Basically, the opposite of what she stands for.

I will not have my name smeared by being a supporter of hers indirectly, by being a part of this bullshit summit as her being the featured speaker.

You can see the 8 months of her facebook history in the video below.
Seriously, no mentions of cannabis previous to November 30th!!


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