Cancer and the potential use of cannabis to inhibit cancer’s growth

Written by on January 15, 2016

There are a lot studies coming out, compared to ever in the history of modern medicine, regarding particular cannabis compounds curing cancer, or at least inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

When my father was suffering through cancer, my wife Kimberly and I started  Cannabis For Cancer – xCannabis @ Causes.com

Since starting that group we have connected with over 6000 other members.  We have been spreading the word about the possibility of cannabis curing cancer since 2007.

Reference some of our videos at xCannabiscom @ Youtube.com regarding cannabis curing cancer.   Research that we have shared and brought attention to.  In our limited capacity, we have just done what we can.  But we feel that anyone can start a blog, and work diligently to get the word out.  We encourage people spreading truth!    Check out  www.Wordpress.Com for a free blog, and consider doing radio at;  www.blogtalkradio.com

RIP to my grandmother June Davis Thompson, my father Richard Glen Thompson, and my aunt Jeanne Thompson-Anderson, who all died from cancer.   My dad and aunt died of brain cancer, and my grandmother died of breast cancer.    They were “downwinders” when nuclear testing was going on in the East Nevada desert area.

I learned yesterday that David Bowie just died of cancer on January 10th 2016, as have many other wellknown people.    RIP David Bowie.

Cannabis Cures Cancer

Cannabis Cures Cancer



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