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Written by on March 23, 2019

Sensi Life Weekly Cannabis and Liberty Radio
With Reverend Ryan Thompson and Pastor Ray Christl

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Sensi Life Morning Show 5am M-F – More on “rescheduling”

Rescheduling vs Un-Scheduling cannabis I state that rescheduling cannabis is counter productive I see in history and in present day prohibiton battles, that full legalization can and does happen WITHOUT using the medical argument. I call rescheduling “Putting prohibition in a brand new dress”. Oregon rescheduled cannabis in 2010, and 7 months later that saw their first dispensary raids EVER. I also speak about the 150 patents that big pharma have on cannabis, and how they are attempting to monopolize the cannabis market. I also make note of Timothy Leary vs. the USA in 1969 and how he went about legalizing cannabis nationwide. 30 minute morning show Monday thru Friday Current Events – Music http://sensilife.com 888-644-3872 ext 710 (also hear our show Thursday @ 3pm PST)

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