Free Speech vs. Communist protest in Berkeley April 15th

Written by on April 16, 2017

April 15th 2017 turned out to be quite a battle for America in Berkeley California.   It was basically two groups (and several independent and sub-groups).   There were the socialist/antifa/communists on the one side, and on the other side the proud-boys/pro-Trump/patriots.    When the pro-Trump people declared that they would be having a rally on April 15th, shortly after the leftist groups decided that they would match them, and of course that means that the leftist will bring their violence.  So the events leading up to this event, were a sign of what would come at the rally, where Based Stickman defends himself against Berkeley Brownshirts, April 2017 and punched one of the people in a gang that was chasing him and threatening him in a park in Berkeley, and of course just like any fascist would, the socialists called the cops after getting punched.  Apparently “Based Stickman” aka Kyle Chapman was arrested on April 15th as well.  I have reached out to him for an interview, so far I have not heard back yet as of 4/16/2017.

There were a few other minor scuffles leading up to April 15th.  However the day of April 15th was every bit as violent as anyone anticipated.

BERKELEY 04/15 – BASED Stickman VS Antifa Skulls

There was a particular fascist, er I mean “antifa” that was posting on facebook that she was going to Berkeley on April 15th to collect the scalps of 100 (protesters).

Antifa girl threatens to scalp protesters, gets rocked with a fist to the face

Antifa girl threatens to scalp protesters, gets rocked with a fist to the face

Reference:   http://theralphretort.com/life-comes-at-you-fast-berkeley-antifa-chick-who-got-socked-said-she-would-bring-back-100-nazi-scalps-4015017/

Now apparently she is raising $80k on GoFundme or something.   So first she threatens to kill 100 people, then she hits a guy in the neck, and then she gets rocked to the ground by the guy she hit in the neck, now she deserves $80,000?

Video of the event

Amazing how this works for professional victims.

Socialism Violence Then and Now

Socialism Violence Then and Now


After nearly two years of so-called “anarchists” and “anti-Trump” and “antifa” mob violence and protests, the American people are stepping up to shut down the violence in our country.
It is one thing to protest and use your voice to express yourself.  It is a completely new level of protest to burn colleges, burn cars, and trash businesses to get your views across.

The definition of fascism from Meriam Webster dictionary;

”  a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control early instances of army fascism and brutality — J. W. Aldridge”

When I think of fascism, I think of the socialists and the communists from the 1930’s and 1940’s in Russia, Germany and Italy.   These were groups that identified as or with labor unions, and opposed capitalism and many of the things that the alt-left and the so-called “anti-fascists” identify with today.

Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin all gave many of the exact same speeches as antifa, BLM, and other socialist groups give today.


Bernie Sanders or Negan

Bernie Sanders or Negan

How Bernie Sander’s socialism compares to the socialism in the 1920s

I am amazed that these rioters don’t see it, how they are acting just like the socialist brown-shirts that supported Hitler.  Or maybe they just don’t care?  Here is a protests of a leftist/socialist group that call themselves the “brown shirts in Pheonix AZ.


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