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Written by on January 19, 2017

Long before the latest wave of politicians and corporations attempting to be the arbiter of real news or fake news.   So many of the mains stream media (MSM) have thought they have cornered the market on control of the media.  Regardless of if they are making real or fake news, ‘they are THE source’.  In my last post I noted several stories by main stream media sources such as CNN and the Washington Post, yet they seem to think they can write a list of news that they consider “fake” and pass it off with authority.  However when scrutinized themselves, they have a terrible track record of creating fake news, not just reporting it, but actually creating fake news.

After releasing my article a few days ago about fake news, I got a lot of complaints on my facebook, and even had a long time friend remove me as a contact on Facebook over it.
Of course these are far left liberals who are complaining, and their accusations have been universally the same “You don’t complain about Fox news, or the right side of the news, just the left wing news”.    While I have come down on left wing news as of late, specifically The Young Turks, Radical Russ Belville, CNN and the Washington Post.  It is only because they have been so fierce about condemning other media sources, while at the very same time producing and reporting on their own fake news.

One thing that I would like to clear up, is that I have long since reported on Fox and their fake news, and/or censored news.  Long before I had a single complaint specifically about any left wing news source, I made a long winded and comprehensive piece about Fox and their relationship with Monsanto which Fox was forced to reduce and censor a story about bovine growth hormones when threatened by Monsanto and in the end the story and the news crew was axed over it.  This was all the way back in 2011, 6 years before the new wave of fake news sources. See the story that I wrote and made a video about regarding Fox News and their Monsanto censorship issue from June 2011.

What is very disingenuous about the far left progressive friends that I argued about this with today on Facebook, is going to their facebook wall, and knowing them for as long as I have.  In fact one of these friends, the one who removed me, is involved in radio and professional journalism.  What sticks out most to me is that there is no balance in what they write or post.  They post far far left propaganda and never lend credit or thought to the other side of the story.   For instance one of the acquaintances on Facebook that lectured me today, flat out refused to read what he was posting on, he asked me questions about the story and I asked him if he had read it and he said “No I don’t read clickbait”.  Then I asked him if he read my article that I had posted on this conversation in response to his questions from a post that I wrote on January 17th, and he said  (paraphrased) no I don’t read that stuff. But he had 12 posts filled with golden advice about something that he didn’t know anything about, and refused to read.

The point is, that FAKE NEWS IS FAKE NEWS, and I try not to pick favorites.  Albeit, I lean a lot farther right than many people on my facebook page, it is a fact that 6 years before I ever criticized left wing media, I was criticizing right wing media.  Why would I even bother criticizing right wing media, if they tend to produce things that I agree with?  The reason is, that I think the Main Stream Media can and SHOULD be better.  My criticism is constructive, not just nagging or insulting like I see from many left wingers.  In fact, I would love to see them improve, and not censor critical issues.   It seems though I am losing hope that the MSM will ever start doing their actual job, and report on things regardless of revenue or political favor for their particular corporation. Referring to my video from 2011 about corporate media, sharks have came in to devour almost all of the small news sources.  Roughly 6 major corporations own roughly 90% of the mainstream media, including small radio stations, small newspapers, and small television stations.   Which is why I encourage people, every day average people, to “become the media” and start doing the job that the MSM once did.

However it would be difficult to accuse me of bias to right wing media or politicians, for the record.  The only president that I have ever voted for in a general election was Ralph Nader.  The only other person that I voted for running for president was Ron Paul, but he did not become the nominee, so that leaves me with only Nader.   Also to reiterate my earlier revelation, is that as far back as 1999 I was criticizing right wing media on www.BehindZionCurtain.com, and then in 2006-2009 on www.UtahPirateRadio.com and then in 2011 on www.xCannabis.com.  I have focused on analyzing and criticizing right wing news for over 17 years publicly, and a lot longer than that privately. I also hosted an online radio show for 2 years, and for most of that time my co-host was a far-left leaning cannabis activist, Ray Christl (RIP), who both he and I criticized right wing (and left wing) media.

Also just for reference, the facebook post that set this off today, was about CNN getting their press pass yanked.
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Sometimes I post political shit just to piss people off then Im like, but wait, THERE'S MORE

Sometimes I post political shit just to piss people off then Im like, but wait, THERE’S MORE




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