We hear so much about #FakeNews well the #MSM is the BIGGEST source of fake news. Here is the proof.

Written by on January 17, 2017

In a world of massive media moguls where approximately 6 corporations control 90% of the media, it is a scary world when those main sources of news and information have been outted as fake news, or “counter intelligence programs” by political regimes.

At Donald Trump’s first press conference since becoming elected as the next president of the USA, Donald Trump rightly called out CNN as “Fake News”, and refused to take questions from them.   Reference:    Trump calls out “Fake News” Like A Boss

After doing a lot of digging, I have come up with historical and present day references to the MSM (Mainstream Media) as being used as government cronies delivering “counter intelligence” or “disinformation”.

I compiled this video to illustrate just a few of those confirmed references of the MSM fake news.

Compilation of recent outed fake news sources; Washington Post and CNN

This compilation is regarding 3 particular topics and instances of fake news.

  1.  The recent contract between the owner of the Washington Post and the CIA for $600 million dollars

    Washington Post Owner 600 million contact with CIA

    Washington Post Owner 600 million contact with CIA

  2.  The recent revelation that the Pentagon paid a UK public relations firm $540 million to spread fake news (propaganda) about the Iraq war
    Pentagon Propaganda Videos

    Pentagon Propaganda Videos

  3.  The Church Committee in Congress during the year of 1975 regarding the CIA using Main Stream Media to spread disinformation

    CIA Church Committee Fake News

    CIA Church Committee Fake News

When people tell me “you can’t trust that source, they are fake news”.  But then they provide me with a link from the Washington Post, or CNN, or any of the other fake news sources.  It takes time out of my day that I have taken several times before, to show them instances of obvious fake news from these sources.

These are some of the historical fake news broadcasts we have been exposed

Leaked Footage Exposes CNN Producing Fake News … – Zero Hedge

I put this together about 6 years ago to show how Monsanto shut down a story about their product on Fox news;  Corporate Media vs. Social Media

NBC News Blows Up Truck for Fake News Story 



It is time for the citizen to become citizen journalists.  Become the news!  It is time to stop letting corporations with a conflict of interest guide our news, and our world.

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